Mrs. Stefanie's Preschoolers Play "How Many".

Mrs. Stefanie's Preschoolers recently participated in a lesson called "How Many". "How Many" is a small group lesson from the Connect 4 Learning Curriculum. For this lesson, the children had to take turns rolling a numeral dice and determine what number was on the dice. The children then had to put the same number of cubes onto a plate as the number they rolled.

The students practiced stating a number and producing a specific number of objects. The students were also able to think, pair and share, while also cooperating and attending to another's ideas.

IELS (Iowa Early Learning Standards) Addressed in this Lesson:

  • 7.1.PS.1 recognizes small quantities (1 to 5) without counting them (subitizing).
  • 7.1.PS.6 identifies numerals to 10 by name.