Soccer Tournament By: Lexi T

Lexi: I remember my coach saying “If we win this game we will go to the championship game and you can spray paint my shoes if we win the tournament”. We were all vary excited and nervous about if we wear going to win or not and coach encouraging us and telling us we got this and we can win it. Then the next thing I know we are going to the championship. Then the championship game is almost over and the score is still 0-0, then in the last minute Anna scores the winning goal, and we won the championship game. We were all screaming and very very excited. How did you feel when we won?

Sam: I was really excited because we just won the tournament and we got to paint his shoes and it was the first tournament I won.

Lexi: How did you feel when you wear playing and u did not know if u wear going to win or not.

Sam: I was really nervous because I really wanted to win and it would be my first tournament I won and I did not know if we would win.

Lexi: How did u feel after you won and we got to spray paint couches shoes.

Sam: I felt really happy and excited and we were all jumping around and screaming and got to spray paint his shoes because it was like our proof we won.

Lexi: Who got to hold the shoes and spray paint them

Sam: Hannah was holding them and Mollie was spraying them b/c Mollie did not play the whole tournament because she hurt her hip before we even got to the tournament.

Lexi: What did u do after the shoes got spray painted

Sam: Me and my team went to the tent that has all the are trophies and we got them and everyone was taking pictures.

Lexi: Well thanks for letting me interview you.

Sam: Thanks for having me

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