The other wes more Be careful of what path you take because one could be good and one could be bad.

Two little boys who become very different men. Both African American, fatherless, exposed to crime at an early age, Wes Moore, the author, and Wes Moore, the other, share both a name and a history, but live very different lives.

Summary: The Other Wes Moore is a story about two different people with the same name who grew up in similar poor neighborhoods. They both had different outcomes in their life. One grow up to be successful and one grew up to be a criminal who serves a life sentence. Both struggle with money issues and growing up because they are surrounded by a criminal environment.

Author’s Purpose: The authors purpose of this book was to show how similar people could end up in a different bad and good situations. It shows you how choices can affect your life.

I. Harney, T. Jasper, N. Henderson, B. Asbrock

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