Nebraska Golfer November 2019

1 - NSAA Girls' Golf Recap

The 2019 NSAA Girls' Golf Championships brought a pleasant surprise; great weather. Aside from delayed starts at all three sites, the championships were conducted and completed without weather issues. The first day saw temperatures in the upper-60s and into the 70s, with light winds. The final round was a bit chillier with strong winds, but after significant weather issues in recent years, it was a welcome surprise. The championships were conducted at three sites across Nebraska on Monday October 14 and 15, at Norfolk Country Club (Class A), Elks Country Club in Columbus (Class B) and Lake Maloney Golf Club in North Platte (Class C). Read the recaps from each class at the button below.

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2 - NGA Competitions | PIN SHOT Takes Fall Junior Series

The Nebraska Golf Association’s 8th Fall Junior Series was completed last month and post-series awards recognizing the Team Champions of the FJS, as well as the FJS All-Star Team and Captain have been awarded. See the event champions and find out who took home the post-series awards at the button below.

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3 - World Handicap System 2020 | Post Your Scores

4 - Golf's New Rules | Fall Golf - Loose Impediments & Abnormal Conditions

With the change of seasons from summer to fall, you may encounter some extra objects, like leaves or branches, on the golf course throughout your round. These and other natural objects are classified by the Rules as loose impediments. Luckily, you can move loose impediments out of your way without penalty! It’s also the time of year where many courses go through regular maintenance such as aeration, so you may encounter some abnormal conditions on the course.