The Fight For The Right To Vote Selma to montgomery march, 1965


selma-what happened? what is going on during bloody sunday?

March 7th 1965, which is also known as bloody Sunday, 600 African American s started their march to Montgomery. They ended up going again after a hold up which postponed them moving. They got there on March 25th 1965 with about 25,000 people both Black and White. Bloody Sunday is about when they first started walking across the Edmund Petus bridge. They got stopped by about 200 police officers. They used tear gas and violence to stop the protesters. The tear gas made it so the protesters couldn't see. "Like pepper spray but stronger." They attacked and injured the protesters because they were given permission by George Wallace, the state governor.


Selma To Montgomery- What happened? (1st Article)

On Sunday March 7th, the year of 1965, a man called by the name John Lewis, walked across the Edmund Petus Bridge. This was in Selma, Alabama. 600 people were behind him. There were also about 200 police officers in front of them. These police officers were ordered to stop the protesters by George Wallace. John Lewis was a great leader in the African American voting march. The state troopers and police officers were told they could do anything needed to stop the protesters. They ended up spraying tear gas, and getting violent. Some African Americans ended up getting murdered by the paratroopers. Even though they didn't make much progress on Bloody Sunday, they made the news. People all over the country were furious at this violence and thousands of people black and white alike came to Selma to join the march. 5 days after bloody Sunday led by king, Lewis, and others set out for Montgomery. President Johnson had ordered 2,000 U.S. Army troops to protect them. Finally, on March 25th 1965, 25,000 reached Montgomery. Lewis is proud to have helped exercise one of the most powerful rights.

Watch what can happen when we actually do things for our rights.

Selma To Montgomery-What Happened? (Article 2)

There are easier ways to get to Montgomery, the massive power of the army, national guard, state troopers, and the justice department., doesn't drop down the sun and the thunderstorms. This was said in the article "Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965." Since they were marching only during the day they needed to camp at night. During one of the nights, Tuesday in fact. Cameramen were getting bored because nothing was really happening. A Presbyterian clergyman said "This is our finest hour." this is according to the article mentioned earlier which is, "Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965"

Compare and Contrast Section

COMPARING And Contrasting

In the article " Showdown in Selma" it says that there are 600 plus African Americans and about 200 police officers. However in the article "Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965" It states that it went from 3,000 to 300 African Americans. It also states in "Showdown in Selma" that the police officers were allowed to do anything they needed to stop the protesters on bloody Sunday. They ended up using tear gas and getting violent. However, in the other article called "Marching from Selma to Montgomery" which was never mentioned at all. This makes me wonder which article is better and if the tear gas really happened. In the article "Marching from Selma to Montgomery" it states "the marchers flooded over the Petus bridge Sunday morning." In the other article "Showdown in Selma" says that they went across the Petus bridge on "bloody Sunday".




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