Norfolk Christian Schools spent time serving in Mmakaunyane Village in North-West Gauteng. They spent time helping with the after-school care program and ministering at the local schools.


Coastal Community Church spent time at Ramotse Reformed Church in Hammanskraal in the Gauteng province. They helped to train local community leaders to lead a successful Holiday Club or Vacation Bible School.


Arundel Christian Church enjoyed a week of service at Charity Christian Fellowship in KwaMhlanga in the Mpumalanga province. They ran an after-school Reading Holiday Club designed to help kids who struggle with the English language.


We are so thrilled that Dr. Steph Beck is back in the country with us! After struggling to get her work visa approved, she is back in the country with a Visa for 5 years. Dr. Beck holds a Phd in International Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is helping to oversee our Abba's Child Sponsorship program and the development of our after-school programs with partnering Early Childhood Development Centers. She is a treasure and we're so glad she's here with us.

On of the most exciting things happening in the winter is the Serve South Africa internship. This year we had three wonderful interns, Morgan Green, Kinsey Weaver and Hannah Deem who was here for 4 weeks. Below are some their stories about spending 7 weeks in Africa.

Clockwise:1. Morgan hanging with some new friends in Hammanskraal. 2 In conversation with a leader from the after-care program at Ramotse Reformed Church. 3. Helping kids with coloring. 4. The day Morgan arrived in Africa 7 weeks ago.
" So you can do both and easily do both, at the same time. A couple of weeks ago I was struggling with the thought, “Am I going to get more out of this trip than the people I’m serving?” God quickly answered my question days later with the constant hugs and conversations with people that I built such strong relationships with and painted a wall of hearts with in Ramotse." - Morgan Green
Clockwise: 1. Kinsey helping to make bracelets for kids in Ramotse Reformed Church during Holiday Club. 2. Kinsey and Kile at Holiday Club. 3. Kinsey arriving at OR Tambo International Airport 7 weeks ago!
The Abba’s Pride internship is an incredible and unique experience. It captures the importance of a relational culture and gives you the opportunity to lead courageously. There were so many amazing conversations, learning experiences, and moments to expand your horizons with new knowledge and wisdom. If I had told myself over a year ago that I’d be serving God in South Africa this summer- I might not have believed it! Our mindsets simply cannot contain all that God has in store for us, but we have to let go of what we may be comfortable with and trust God with our fears and reservations. I realized here that my potential is a sum of all the extraordinary things God has waiting for me, I just have to slow down and listen! The internship was the perfect opportunity to strengthen my relationship with Christ and I am overwhelmed with how God has blessed me and used me this summer. I can’t wait to go home with more knowledge, love, and faith than ever before." - Kinsey Weaver

Good News! Applications for the 2020 ServeSouthAfrica Internship are opening soon, follow us to remain up-to-date on when applications are available, closing dates etc.


It is with sadness to announce that our own Anna Goldsmith is transitioning back to the United States. After serving with Abba's Pride for the last 2 years she has felt God's call back to the land of the free to pursue her Masters and continue to establish the Kingdom in the lives of High School kids as a teacher. Serving as Intern Coordinator and part of the support staff for our partnering centers, Anna has served so courageously and loved so selflessly in her time here. She has left an indelible mark in the lives of everyone who has come in contact with her, we are going to miss her.

  • As you think about Abba's Pride please pray for Julian Marsay who is President of the Abba's Pride Board and a vital member of our day-to-day operations. Julian recently underwent hip replacement surgery and has had to take some time off to recover. Please pray for a speedy recovery for him.
  • As God has continued to expand the reach of the ministry, we have greater need for people to fill our ranks. We are especially in prayer for people to oversee the ServeSouthAfrica internship program in 2020 and beyond.


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