Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH by Lee curry

This was my first time visiting the museum of natural history. I was more excited to visit here more than the Harn because I'm not much of an arts person but I love history, especially about Florida. I went with my friend Kassidy, but instead of the butterfly garden we looked at the Florida history exhibit.

Nature on Display: I found this display to be appealing because caves isn't something I would usually associate with Florida. It captured my attention with its differences to the other displays that I expected to find. There was also a woods, bog/prairie, and swamp displays but the caves where something I wasn't very familiar with in general. I'm more of a visual learner and to physically see things, like the cave, is way better than reading it out of a book. The thing I enjoyed most at the museum was the unexpected. There was a giant bear sloth that lived a long time ago when Florida's peninsula was still emerging from the water millions of years ago. This thing was incredibly big, about ten times the size of a typical sloth today.

Nature and Ethics: I would say the natural history museum provided a way for me to experience nature in likeness of Leopold. The beaches in Florida deserves the same respect as someone would their own yard. They are more than just a place for a touristic economy and litter. We should "love, respect, and admire" the beach just as Leopold would say. I felt like I was experiencing something new every around every turn. Some of the displays go into good detail to help the view get a sens of whats going on in the time period. Both my friend and I were pretty shocked at the size of the giant sloth I mentioned under the last picture. The visitors were able to connect with nature at the museum by have exhibit that the viewer walked through immersing them in the environment. I already have respect for nature and I think that Leopold's beliefs are just reaffirmed with my own personal beliefs

Nature and the Human Spirit: The natural history museum definitely makes us step out of our ordinary lives. I got to experience things I wouldn't get to see, like fossils of ancient animals, and things that I would get to see in my backyard, like the beach displays. It all brings on a question of our existence. Like in this picture, this is how scientist predicted what it was like to be 505 million years ago, and it just makes me wonder how I finally ended up here after all that time and what lead to everything that happened since then. Nature has a way of posing very deep and philosophical questions.

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