Racism In Football By Filippo todini

Racism is an abuse of Human right and is a big Social justice problem. Racism is a big problem in Football. It has improved but if you pay attention during a games you can see a few time acts of racism, Screams or even imitations of monkeys.

A specific example that shows an act of racism in football is a case that happened on march 2015. A extremely good player called John Barnes who was the captain of the English national team and a star of FC Liverpool, got refused to keep going with his manager career for his skin color. He trained until 2009 the Celtic team, but wanting to train another team he got blocked by a lack of chances. Bonner's former England team mate Ian Wright backed up by saying that black managers don't have as much opportunities to become successful. Wright added: “With someone of John Barnes’ ability and stature, to not have worked more in the game with something that he’s desperate to do, I don’t know what else it can be?” .This stories shows that even the best players in football history can be affected by racism depending for their gender and their origins. The organizations that still think that white people are superior than black. The racism evolves not only black people, but also people with different nationalities.

John Barnes (At Liverpool)

The purpose why this is social unjust is because everyone should be treated equally regardless for their skin color or nationality. An example of an social unjust situation is when a really good player called Balotelli in 2009 got insulted during a game against Juventus. Called as a nickname of a monkey during by the open fans. The player left the game in tears saying that he felt alone fighting for this social justice. This player had a other problems with racism in football. When he left Milan to join a team called Liverpool in August 2014 he was target with about 4,000 racism posts on the media to March 2015.

Bolotelli cries after being insulted for his skin color.

The effect of the racism is football is on the feeling of the player and for their opportunities. Some player after they retired want to become a manager or even a trainer but it makes them really hard just for the color of their skin and for their nationalities. It also affects racism in other sport because football is the most viewed sport in the world and what happens in that sport is viewed almost all over the world and people can have a bad influence watching racist jokes made on extremely big organization and they can think it's a good thing.

What our NGO is trying to achieve is to make the problem more aware to the public. That fans that provoke the player for their nationality is not okay and for the people that that try to become athletes or managers that it doesn't matter what the color of their color skin is.

Dutch and Brasil

If our NGO would achieve his goal then there would be a different football, based on more respect between the players. But not only, also more respect on the stands, between all the fans. The fans will support the team and not provoke them for their origin because they will know that the importance is not their appearance but their ability with the ball.

The reason why this situation should be resolved is because it violaits the Human right, that says that everyone should be treated the same regales for their skin color. The Organization of football is not respecting the human right because players, managers, trainers and even the staff is being discriminated for their genes.

Our NGO is planning to use those techniques to stop racism in football make the players say on the radio when everyone is listening what they think of racism. Another techniques, are commercial that show videos when racism is shown and comments of the players about it. This is problem a really serious problem that is seen everywhere around the world and is not all the time really visible. Is mostly seen as the funs imitating the player as an ape, but it can also be really easy to sea when group of fans start screaming racist jokes to the player. A way to make them understand that this is not acceptable is to make the players speak and say what they think of this issue. This will solve the issue because every supporter has their own star in football and if the star says that they are not happy how the fans are reacting to racism they will understand that what they're doing is not okay and they will stop.

In conclusion you should found us because if this problem will be solve there will be an really high chance that the world racism could diminish, for the amount of people that watch football. Also to make football a better sport and make the player happy again.

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