Class of 2020 High School Graduation Hope High School | Hope High School Online

Pledge of Allegiance

National Anthem

Patty Rivera

HHS Graduate


Mark French

CEO of Blueprint Education

Guest Speaker

Ed Smith

Born and raised near Trenton, New Jersey, Ed Smith grew up with a strong family foundation and an unwillingness to give up on his dreams and goals. Following his passion for baseball, Ed graduated high school in 1987 and was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 7th round of the MLB draft. Nine years later and still looking to break out of the minors, Ed decided to turn a new page and embark on the greatest journey of this athletic career, pursuing professional football.

Through hard work and dedication, Ed broke into the NFL and followed a path that landed him with the Atlanta Falcons and a trip to the Super Bowl in 1998. Reaching the pinnacle of professional football after enduring hardships and uncertainty, Ed realized the lessons he had learned about discipline, dedication, team work, and leadership could be applied to all aspects of life and inspire those who need the clarity and motivation in life to achieve their goals.

Today, Ed shares his life lessons with youth, young adult leaders and executives around the world.

Honors Presentation

Mark French

CEO of Blueprint Education

Champion Scholarship

Mark French

CEO of Blueprint Education

Maria Molina Lopez & Diamond Williams

V.I.P. Presentation

Krissyn Sumare

Director of Agile in Education

Presentation of Hope High School's High Honors

Principal Marina O'Connell bestows High Honors to Hope High School's Salutatorian for the Class of 2020

Jay Doty

Principal Marina O'Connell bestows High Honors to Hope High School's Valedictorian for the Class of 2020

Anabelle Doty

Presentation of Hope High School Online's High Honors

Principal Erin Horn bestows High Honors to Hope High School Online's Salutatorian for the Class of 2020

Kylie Larkin

Principal Erin Horn bestows High Honors to Hope High School Online's Valedictorian for the Class of 2020

Adrien Reategui

Presentation of Graduates

Hope High School Online's Class of 2020

  • Jamie Andrews
  • Taylor Brogdon
  • Eloisa Concepcion Santos Buller
  • Caileen Childers
  • Alyssa Core (Honors)
  • Kole Dolin
  • Natalie Ellson
  • Breanna Flaig (Honors)
  • Olivia Gettys
  • Christian Gressner
  • Alexis Handerson
  • Astrid Herrera
  • Katelenn Higginbottom
  • Jakob Jones (Honors)
  • Kelsey Keto (Honors)
  • Dylan Key (Honors)
  • Nikolas Kinard
  • Paige Lafferty
  • Alyssa Landrum
  • Kylee Larkin (Salutatorian) (Honors)
  • Blake Lauchner
  • Matthew Lauchner
  • Kayla Mada (Honors)
  • James Merlano
  • Leslie Meza
  • Rio Monteverde
  • Katina Morrillo
  • Jailynn Ornelas
  • Joseph Ortiz
  • Alex Penning
  • Angel Queiro
  • Dylan Radigan
  • Kenzie Ramsay
  • Adrien Reategui (Valedictorian) (Honors)
  • Janelle Richardson
  • Kamila Rivera Mejia (Honors)
  • Audra Robbins
  • Aspen Rose
  • Jordan Elizabeth Roth
  • Annaliese Smith
  • Robert Tachera
  • Mariah Tasby
  • Melody Tasby
  • Larry Thibodeaux
  • Elisa Trujillo
  • Aujolique Ulibarri
  • Jose Zenteno

Hope High School's Class of 2020

  • Hussain Algarib
  • Syed Ali
  • Albert Apodaca
  • Devonyae Briggs
  • Joshua Prince Frank Brown
  • Alfredo Cabada Ramos (Honors)
  • Osael Castillo
  • Scott Croswell
  • Diana Diaz
  • Anabelle Doty (Valedictorian) (Honors)
  • Jay Doty (Salutatorian) (Honors)
  • Paulita Felix Campas (Honors)
  • Darious Fields
  • Stacy Gallegos
  • Javier Gamez
  • Steven GarcĂ­a (Honors)
  • Betsaida Guzman
  • Jessica Hinojos
  • Kaitlyn Hourigan
  • Angelina Jaurigue
  • Alexandra Juarez Moreno (Honors)
  • Kenia Lechuga Espinoza
  • Jacob Lopez (Honors)
  • Jamie Madrid (Honors)
  • Aaron Hein Marcoux
  • Malik Marshall
  • Janel Martinez
  • Lucy Martinez
  • Jennifer Marie Medina
  • Maria Molina
  • Zitlaly Moron
  • Leo Pacheco
  • Patty Quiroz
  • Luisa Reyes
  • Israel Rivera (Honors)
  • Seth Roberts (Honors)
  • Genesis Sanders Sanchez
  • Asia Sipho
  • Jacob Taddei
  • Leonardo Toledo
  • Aden Dezi Urias
  • Diamond Williams
  • Joseph Xavier Yuriar Montes

Presentation of the Class of 2020

Mark French

CEO of Blueprint Education

Acceptance of the Class of 2020

Mitch Horlick

Chairman of the Board

Blueprint Education would like to dedicate this day to all of our parents, families, teachers, coaches, advisors, and anyone who made this day possible for each and everyone of our graduates, but most especially to our graduates.

In this difficult and unprecedented time, our students have shown tremendous resilience and dedication to achieve their goals. We are so proud of them.


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