Reach for The Stars January 2021 Newsletter

January Newsletter

Letter from the CEO


January has always been known as “The Most Depressing Month of the Year.” (Compasswholehealth.com)

The month of January, RFTS noticed a significant decline in communication from clients and donors. SAD (Seasonal Affective disorder or seasonal depression) comes when the skies grey, it’s cold and after the holidays have past. Statistics state that people isolate, sleep more, are known to drink more alcohol, and become reclusive not wanting to do their normal activities. It is known that this happens EVERY YEAR. So RFTS reached out to many families to remind them they are not alone. Don't forget to reach out to your loved ones.


  • BIG NEWS! Join Our Galaxy: Reach For The Stars now has a monthly membership! $25/month to be a RFTS VIP! Click here for more information: Better Unite Membership Website
  • Gift Shop: RFTS charity is happy to have launched a CHARITY GIFT SHOP. 100% of the purchase price will help fund our 4 vital programs. To view: go to www.rftstars.com/shop or click here
  • RFTS is looking for various volunteers: Homeless Outreach volunteers to pass out backpacks within the community, delivery drivers to deliver food to homebound individuals, fundraising enthusiast's, company networkers, stargazing event volunteers to man telescopes and pass out brochures/direct people. Please email us if interested at rftstarsorg@gmail.com or go here https://www.betterunite.com/RFTstarsorg-sparklewithus
Join us at our next Daytime Solar or Night time Stargazing Event!

January was slow following the very busy holiday months, however this gave Reach for The Stars staff ample time to catch up on important administrative duties i.e. gather volunteers, board members, check in on clients and stock up on supplies/donations.

This month, although slow, RFTS still fed 127 resilient adults, and 54 smiling children.

RFTS is not only a place for food. Clients have asked for clothes and hygiene. If RFTS is able to procure these items, then they do. In January, RFTS was able to give hygiene to every family that needed it as well as pull-ups, diapers, clothing and tons of pet food. All thanks to our wonderful donors!

The community is phenomenal! RFTS had a client who already lives on a very low-income and had an unexpected pregnancy. She then had the baby 3.5 months early (in the NICU) before she was able to plan how to accumulate any supplies. She was not only worrying about her 1.5lb baby, but also about how she was going to care for her when she got her home. RFTS asked the community for donations and they came through with everything the mother and baby needed and more. The mother and father were both in tears, completely relieved with a huge burden lifted.

"You have given my family more than food in our bellies, you have given us the very things we so desperately needed. You have given us hope. Bless you." (Mother of newborn)

Swapping Trash bags for Backpacks

Homeless Outreach Program

RFTS homeless outreach program seems simple, yet takes time, effort, love and plenty of supplies. Each backpack has a purpose. Not only does it supply necessities for the homeless but it also displays kindness, love and is used to build rapport.

RFTS vision is for the homeless community to see the RFTS logo, ask about it (or know what it is) and spread the name for others to ask for help. RFTS also inserts a laminated resource brochure into each backpack so that the individual can find help when they are ready. The purpose of lamination is so that it will not get ruined, wet or crinkled in their bag. The goal of the backpack is to provide them with life saving items and every day essentials, build trust, relationships, and allow them to reach for the stars when they are ready to do so.

Thank you to to Kamarija, Naima & their mom for ironing hundreds of logos onto our homeless outreach backpacks!

Daytime Solar Educational Event

These events are offered for free to our clients & the community to learn about our beautiful gas giant so they might see it with their own eyes in a new light!

"The Future Lies with Today's Youth & Tomorrows Space Exploration"

"Absolutely, RFTS has had an impact on our 7 yo daughter (and whole family). She is fascinated with all things science. When we moved to Vail she looked up at the asked "why are there more stars in Vail?" We explained light pollution, which in itself was exciting for her to learn. She worked hard to find planets with her naked eye and was gifted a toy telescope (that was fun), but she didn't understand why she could not see the items in her picture books. That's when RFTS's came in! We were stuck at home during COVID and she wanted to explore her interest, but had no way to do it. An amazing telescope was out of reach for us financially. So being gifted a quality telescope was magical to our household (and just in time for our daughters 7th b-day!). We greatly appreciate this organization helping a young girls interest in a STEM hobby. She dreams big, loses herself in the peacefulness of space while looking for different objects in the sky and has more hope. We have also been able to foster a love of giving to others within our community and taken on important social issues, and at such young ages! I believe that the telescope is what made RFTS their favorite charity to give to and help. Finding you has been life-changing for both my girls. Just this last week we built backpacks for the homeless community. Thank you RFTS!" (Elizabeth, Vail AZ)

This month we gifted four different families a telescope. Spreading the joy of the beautiful sky, sense of serenity and a new hobby.

RFTS reached out to the families they gave telescopes to and the feedback was nothing but positive from both adults and children. See above for one of the latest responses.

RFTS Won its first 2 Grants!!

Writing for grants is tedious, time consuming and takes experience. RFTS is taking every denial and every win as a learning experience.

RFTS won $500 worth of advertising material from 4Imprint and a $1,000 grant from Long Realty Cares towards the Telescopes for Youth Program! How exciting!

RFTS is looking for volunteers to help with grant writing and fundraising. If interested, please email us at rftstarsorg@gmail.com

RFTS has 2 New BOD's

Please welcome Ayla Linder (Marketing Director) & Racheal Eldridge (Financial Director) to the RFTS Team! We are so excited to have them on our team. Please visit our website link to read their Bios

Please welcome Ayla Linder (Left) & Racheal Eldridge (Right)

RFTS Financials

Found at www.RFTStars.com

Want to donate? Here's what we need:

Family Food Program: Cold & pantry food items, snacks, canned food, boxed meals etc.

Homeless Outreach Program: Backpacks, mini hygiene, small foods, blankets, beanies, gloves & long johns

Star Party Program: Telescopes, astronomy books/memorabilia, flashlights, tables, chairs, event equipment, eyepieces, small telescopes for kids/teen donations, event equipment, future scholarship donation money for inbound college students (STEM degrees), monetary donations for upkeep on equipment, tripods etc., 100% gets split into the 4 Charity Programs (2% to admin costs, unless specified)

Overhead Funding: As our client list grows, we need to grow, too. We are needing more and more overhead money to continue to run these programs, so any donations towards this area is most welcome.

Moving Out: Soon, we will need to move out of our home which is more and more apparent. We need to start saving up for a small building, land to build on or find an angle donor or grant to let us use their property/building. Please keep an eye out for these types of opportunities! Thank you!

Ways to donate Money: Become a member of our monthly donation plans! Click here Zelle: RFTstarsorg@gmail.com | PayPal: RFTstarsorg@gmail.com | CashApp: $RFTstars Check: Payable to: Reach For The Stars 10895 S Arrowhead Spring Drive Vail, Az 85641

**contact us for a receipt if you donate online** rftstarsorg@gmail.com

Please add RFTS to your Amazon Smile account to help us for free!

Amazon Food Program & Homeless Outreach Wish List (feel free to add things you think are good to have

https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/57Oynfk?ref_=wl_share Food Program List

https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/bieKUpR?ref_=wl_share Homeless Outreach List

Current Company Supporters/Partners

As each month ends, RFTS reflects on the words of those that have been affected in a positive way by these programs. EVERY person sends a heartfelt THANK YOU, and will remember the time when they were desperate, and someone came.
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