Dominican Republic By: Sidney Weegens


The Dominican Republic takes up two-thirds of the island Hispaniola, and the other one-third is Haiti, west of the Dominican. The land area of the country is 48,320 square kilometers (18,656 square miles). The average temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but the coast is usually warmer. The population of the Dominican is about 10.5 million people (2015), the largest populated city being the capital, Santo Domingo.

Map of Dominican Republic

Historical Info

In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the island Hispaniola. The country's capital, and largest populated city, Santo Domingo, is the oldest city in all of the Americas (1496). In 1793 the first British soldiers sailed to St. Domingue. 500 years ago Juan Ponce de Leon built a plantation near the south coast. The Dominican Republic was given its independence on February 27, 1844. The Dominican's flag was a white cross with blue in the left corner and the lower right, and has red in the upper red corner and the lower left corner, and also the country's coat of arms in the middle. The white is said to symbolize salvation, the red for the blood of heroes, and the blue liberty.

Dominican Republic Flag


The official currency of the Dominican Republic is The Dominican Republic Peso.

The Native people of Hispaniola are the Arawak Indians, but they are estimated to have died out around 1550. The official language is Spanish, but English is used in most tourist locations.

Many people in the Dominican tend to eat rice and beans.

95% of the population in the Dominican is Roman Catholic. Most Dominicans celebrate Easter and Christmas, and Independence Day is on February 27.

Things To Do

Different Places to Go and Things to See

There are many fun places to go and things to see in the Dominican some are:

"Fun Fun Cave", a cave entrance, has a 4.5 mile long flowing river. In Los Haitises National Park, you first walk through a rain forest to get to the cave 60 feet down.

You can also go to Anamuya Mountains which has 12 zip lines where you can go for 1.2 miles as high as 2,500 feet over a tropical mountain range.

Walk through 11 trials in a rain forest with more than 500 different species of exotic plants, pass 11 lagoons that you can swim in all at Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve.

Go on an excursion to old Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Americas, and walk to old cobbled streets loaded with monuments and museums.

Jellyfish Restaurant and Lounge offers chicken, beef, and has a children's menu, along with the seafood.

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