The Rockaways Are Getting An Upgrade Construction and congestion in the suburbs.

Construction on Rockaway Beach Blvd has created a ton of roadway issues and constant congestion.

Mornings in the Rockaways

The flagger is stopping morning traffic so that the opposite side of traffic can move through.
As the construction workers are plugging up one of the holes they are shifting the process to the next block.
Traffic going westbound as eastbound traffic is stopped.

The morning commute just isn't the same for Rockaway residents.

Main street, now 2 lanes for traffic to move through the construction.
The afternoon rush hour .

The afternoon traffic is just as congested as the morning traffic.

As the traffic continues, on Rockaway Beach Blvd.
The crossing guard making sure the pedestrians are getting across the street safely.
The crew cleaning up small spills.
Safety precautions is taken at the end of the day, therefore everything is locked up.
Traffic is flowing, shift is over, tomorrow is another day.


Shani Hannah

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