Whirligig Themes By Avery Walker

Journeys are always apart of life

Beaver Creek was one of my favorite places to travel to with my family. We went skiing for a week with my cousins. This impacted me because it helped me grow closer to my family in some ways that I can't describe

Good friends give happiness

In Minnesota, I had two really good friends who I wish I still kept in touch with. We were all very close and I remember they brought me so much happiness and joy. Even when I moved to Atlanta I made some very close friends. Every day they can make me laugh and I have so many memories with them

My neighbor and I during a snowstorm

Rest gives strength to an activity

Swimming has been apart of my life since I was little and it takes a lot of energy out of you. Some days I would want to stay home and watch tv rather than go to practice but I was never given a choice. I pulled muscles and I had a ton of bruises from getting in and out of the pool

A few weeks ago, Kanye West was hospitalized due to exhaustion and stress from many problems going on in his personal life. This shows that even famous people need a rest from things every now and then.

Most actions have consequences

I've broken many bones many times when I was younger. In fifth grade, I was messing around and I wasn't paying attention on the way I was doing a cartwheel and I cartwheeled down the hill in my front yard which caused me to break the growth plate in my wrist.

Justin Ross Harris of Atlanta accidentally left his 22 month old child, Cooper in his car when he was supposed to drop him off at day care. Harris completely forgot about Cooper and left him in his car for a full work day. Because of this, Harris has been facing many criminal charges.


Dancing is one of those sports that takes a lot of confidence. It takes confidence to be able to get up on a stage in front of a crowd of people, whether it be your family and friends, or it be your peers at school. I remember that before any performance I would get scared before going on stage but in the end it always turned out okay.

The other day, Rikke Brewer and a couple of his friends were surfing a train in the UK. This takes a great deal of confidence because of how dangerous it is

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