Nowadays, companies have to be on social media if they want to reach a wider trend of people. The appearance of a company on social media and a good strategy can make them increase their customer trends or ameliorate their image to the public. There are several companies that have also created portals and forums that have made them increase their revenues and achieve their marketing objectives. As more companies want to increase their sales as fast as possible, with a social media approach or a good online strategy, this would be not only easier than using previous means but also way cheaper. According to the 2010 Social Media Marketing Report “67% of marketers plan to increase their use of social media channels including blogs, Twitter and Facebook.” The best way to develop a social media strategy is by start thinking what image a company wants to give to the public. A strategy that has increased a lot lately is creating fundraising portals with a moving story in order to obtain money for their purpose. The key aspect of social media is that everyone is using it nowadays; therefore it’s a huge path of advantage for those companies that want to take it to the next level.

For companies, its very important to realize in order to implement a good social marketing strategy the first thing they need to do is to develop several experimentations and tests that provide them with key information in order to reach more accurately the desired customers when implementing their new marketing strategy.

According to “Social Media Examiner”, there are seven steps that companies must follow in order to create and implement a successful social media strategy. The first step would be to determine what are the company goals and objectives that want to be achieved through social media and match them with the company’s general goals. The second step would be to engage the company into a broad research in order to be capable to reach the initial expectations. One of the key aspects of this step is trying to think which social media strategy would engage more the public the company desires. The third step would be to make a list of influencers that could provide things that are relevant to your company. Once the company has done these three initial steps, the next step would be to start encouraging a close relationship with the public or the future enterprises that the company would like to have as partners. The fifth step would be to strengthen the relationship with all these new customers/allies. Personal relationship and interaction is nowadays key to maintain the customers active and happy, therefore a company that wants to set a successful social media strategy must take this into account. The sixth step is related with the measurement of results and the critical approach for future implementations or changes. If the results made the company achieve their goals and objectives or even get better results then the social media strategy implemented was successful. On the other hand, if the results are worst than what was expected and the company didn’t reach the goals set at the beginning then they must develop several changes in their social media strategy to prevent this from happening again. The last step would be to analyze, adapt and improve your social media strategy for the future goals that the company would be keen to achieve.

To sum up, a company must take into account that depending on the business, different social media strategy must be applied and a good planning is essential in order to reduce the change of failure. It is very important to take into account every step of the social media strategy so it is completed in a good way.


The company that we have chosen to create the Social Media Strategy is Red Bull. Red Bull has one of the most interesting marketing strategies of the market. An energy drink achieved to enclose every extreme sport and to sponsor different competitions making Red Bull, the drink of extreme sports and ultimate activities. This company has a lot of presence on social media directly and indirectly. This bran was almost built around social media, having a lot of presence in many events as the “Red Bull Stratos Jump” in 2012, their sponsorship in F1 races or creating the Motocross freestyle competition “Red Bull X-Fighters” They have presence in many videos GoPro’s social media, due to their sponsorship of many extreme sports and ultimate activities. On their Facebook page, they almost post twice a day but they never show their actual product, instead what they do is to post pictures of people doing extreme sports with the logo of the company in it. They even have a mobile app called Red Bull TV, an events page… But what they don’t have yet is a forum in which people come up with new ideas or activities to promote. That’s why we chose to implement an extra social media strategy into this super successful and complete company.


Initially we first need to set what are the goals to achieve with the creation of our new forum. We think that by having a forum Red Bull not only will be capable of obtaining new ideas or projects to promote but also that will increase their personal relationship with their customers as they will be included in certain decision making. When creating an official Red Bull forum we really have to target the people that could come up with great ideas for the Red Bull company, therefore we have to make this forum strictly related to all the Red Bull extreme activities that our company its promoting nowadays. By making this forum a direct link between the company and the customers, the potential increase of sales is huge, as we have seen with companies that directly linked their decision-making with their customers. As we have previously stated, personal relations are the key aspect for a lot of companies nowadays, therefore this creation would enable a direct communication between the customers and the workers of the company. Moreover, not only we want to keep in contact with our customer needs and ideas but we also want to engage their thinking. For this reason we would create weekly awards to be provided to those who came up with the most interesting ideas or things to improve for the Red Bull company.

In order to measure if the creation of the forum turns out to be beneficial we will have specific labor in charge of adapting and analyzing all data shared by the different parts of the company. Moreover in case things have to be improved or maintained, we will hire several support people to assure the optimal work of the website and also to ban any bad comments that could damage the company’s image such as insults inside the forum.

To sum up, we planned to create a forum for Red Bull in order to allow them have more feedback with their customers and receive more ideas from them. As Red Bull receives a lot of feedback on social media, and customers usually support a lot every Red Bull posts, we thought it was a good idea to let the customers inspire the company coming up with new ideas for the future. Following the steps that “Social Media Examiner” explained on a great article, we came up with the path that we would follow for creating and implementing a new social media strategy in a company such as Red Bull, which for the past few years has created such a huge impact on the net with several implementation like the ones stated above.


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