Petro Poroshenko involved in the shooting of the heroes of “Heavenly Hundreds”

Intelligence agencies around the world use non-verbal communication specialists. In the US, these professionals are used even by the police. Think of American movies where the offender arrested for sitting in the room with the two-way mirror. Do you ever wonder, who is behind this mirror, because the police are directly conducting the questioning in the room with the detained criminal? But who, then, is behind the mirror? Behind the mirror is an expert on non-verbal communication. About their work in the United States, there is even a TV series called “Fooled me” filmed.

If short, the experts of non-verbal communication – are walking lie detectors. The only difference is that traditional polygraph (lie detector) reduces physiological parameters such as heart beat, muscle cramps, sweat discharge. Polygraph often makes a mistake because the investigated person can just get nervous because of these procedures but the specialists of non-verbal communication never wrong because they read facial movements and gestures. Even if a person is nervous, he will have facial expressions of a liar; he will demonstrate facial manifestations of fear.

Similarly, with hand’s gestures: if a person is nervous, it will be shown with the gestures of his hands. He can hide discomfort and fear of interrogation, but his hands will not lie. This is absurd!

But this is not the main thing. When a person is placed on a polygraph, then a person realizes that he will now be tested and he begins to be nervous because of fear, if he will answer the question truthfully. His heart will start chasing, and then the polygraph specialist will think that he is lying. Here’s a funny paradox. But when one is tested by a non-verbal communication expert, then the subject does not even get suspicious. Nobody warns him about the start of the test, and the sensors on his body not strengthen. It means that the subject can not feel a fear of testing. Although, as I said earlier, he even knows that he is closely watched by a non-verbal communication specialist, it does not change anything, since facial expressions and hands will not lie of fear.

For this reason, all the intelligence agencies in the world have successfully used non-verbal communication specialists to “break” a liar. If the beat detainee interrogation, he can slander himself, but if there is an expert who can point to the places where the detained person is telling the truth and were lies, then you capable of questioning “split” even the most intelligent cunning.

Remember the face and hands – do not lie!

Now look at this video and look out for someone pointed Poroshenko, when uttered words: – “… but the political leader who organized the scheme …”

During the speeches, we do not manage hand gestures efforts cord. Hand gesture solely on the reflex (subconscious) level and also at the subconscious level, these people can recognize facial expressions and gestures. You had a life that your friend you something tells the story does not look as if even this is not true, but you do not believe it? You do not understand why, but there is no faith to you interlocutor and nibbles “worm of doubt”? This is because you unconsciously read facial expressions or gestures lies your interlocutor. Note that newborn understands his parent’s facial expressions, although he sees for the first time. This evolution has developed in our ability to intuitively understand the language of non-verbal communication companion, as this skill increased survival of some members of the human species.

If you want to have an experiment here and now? See again discussed statement Poroshenko, study this brief text, go to the mirror and say aloud words Poroshenko, as if you were in his place? Well? The finger did not specify over the pronunciation of the words “… but a political leader who organized the scheme …”? That’s right; you do not stand for this “implemented scheme,” that your hands and try not to point your index finger.

Not only hands Poroshenko giving him away, but the wording also: – “… but the political leader who organized the scheme …

Excuse me, what? Scheme? To punish some political leader who organized the scheme? If the conversation was about Yanukovych, Poroshenko meaningless words – what a “scheme” Yanukovych held? If Poroshenko said about Yanukovych, he would say: – “... but a political manager who ordered snipers ...” rather than “... but a political leader who organized the scheme …“. Let’s spend another scientific experiment and after the words “manager,” in turn insert the names in the context of Yanukovych Poroshenko:

  1. ... but the political leader, represented by Yanukovych, who organized the scheme to suppress protest …
  2. … but the political leader represented Poroshenko, who organized the scheme to come to power …

Notice that the second option more sense than in the first. But now that the role of a suspect in the shooting of the guys from the “Heavenly Hundred” we put forward Petro Poroshenko, it’s just now all the pieces of the puzzle going into a single picture, and we understand that from Maidan rifle took out Pashinsky.

Killer caught in hiding a sniper rifle, but how many guns they were brought to the Maidan, one, two, three, ten?

I do not blame anybody now.

I only propose to invite the three most authoritative experts to work with the polygraph from three different countries and that Poroshenko / Avakov / Pashinsky / Parubiy tested for a polygraph.

You also wanted to? Push on social media! Once there more than 100,000 likes, we will send messages the most influential media in Ukraine, public organizations and deputies so that they took the matter to control. When the killers will get out in front of the whole country, their reaction will say more than this article, agree?

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