The dangers of being in a Cult How being apart of a cult can change and affect your life.

Megan recently lost both her husband and her job. She has two children, Micheal who is 3 years old and 2 year old Casey. Megan is not able to care for both her children financially, this has caused her to hit the lowest point of depression. She soon began to believe that she was not worthy as a mother nor human, her friends and family began to have a huge concern. One of Megan's friends invited her out for dinner to catch up and help out Megan. Samantha is a new member of the Peoples Temple, she began telling Megan how being apart of the Peoples Temple has changed her life completely. Samantha invited Megan to attend to one of its event, since it was trying to get more recognition from its move to the Bay Area. Megan accepted the invitation, as soon as she stepped into those doors she had a sense of relief and hope. She religiously began to attend to its meetings and events, and became a loyal member to this organization. Years went by, until July of 1977 Megan left her two children behind with her parents and moved to Jones town, Guyana with the Peoples Temple. Many of its members including Megan left their lives behind, to demonstrate its loyalty to The Peoples Temple. Months after their move to Guyana things began to take a turn, a few began to dislike their stay her at Jones town. Jim Jones, whom is their leader began to gain frustration and anger because people began to call for help. On November 18, 1978 Jim Jones called for every member to go to meet at a certain location, that is where he distributed cyanide to its members and killed them. Unfortunately, Megan was one of those loyal members who drank the cyanide and was killed among several of others.

Dear Dairy, My name is Susan. I am apart of polygamy, I am 12 years old. I am the second youngest out of all 14 siblings. I am being arranged to marry my 45 year old uncle. I'll be his fourth wife, I do not want to marry him. Once a marriage happens, they expect the wife to be pregnant. I still want to able to play with my doll and go to school but once I am married I would have to carry my uncles child and spend my days cleaning the house. I do not want this lifestyle. There is nothing I can do since all my family is here and I am a minor. If i leave i will get into serious trouble with the church, my parents and my uncle. I really don't want to be apart of this church anymore. I want to be able to do so many things that regular people do. I want to be able to enjoy my years as a child. Be able to go to school and play all these exciting games. I don't want to go over the church guidelines every single day at school, I want to be able to learn everything else that the other kids have learned. I want to be able to do the things I want without having the church limit me and decide for me.

November 18, 1978 several of Jones town members were poisoned with cyanide and killed. This demonstrates how a cult can manipulate its followers and forcing them on to doing harmful and deadly things. Just as the followers of Jones town, were either injected or forced to drink cyanide.


Created with images by Bastián Jacob González - "CULT"

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