Institutional Racism Where bootstraps won't help

What is institutional racism: A denial of opportunities and rights to individuals or groups, resulting from the normal operations of a society.

Keep it Simple

What are some examples of institutional racism?

Different ways students even as young as ages 3 and 4 are treated in school.

Preschoolers Receiving Suspensions

Despite efforts at desegregation in schools, many kids are still attending predominantly minority populated schools, which are poorly funded.

What's Missing Here?

The institutionalization of residential schools in Canada in the indigenous population.

Boys in a Residential School

The persistence of Aboriginal peoples to live in poverty.

Neighbourhoods disproportionately affected by the housing crisis.

Mortgage denial rates to people of colour versus whites.

Home Mortgage Denial in the USA

Huge difference in overall household wealth.

Average Neighbourhood Poverty
Family Wealth Changes

Unfair predatory mortgage loan practices in communities of colour.

Prison populations overwhelmingly represented by people of colour, known as the prison industrial complex.

Numbers Don't Lie

Black men receive much harsher sentences than their white counterparts for the same charges.

Sentence Length Comparison

Rates of child poverty vastly higher in the Aboriginal communities than the white communities.

Unemployment rates in minority communities much higher.


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