In October this year, following speculation that Hazelwood power station would close in 2017, volunteers from community and environment groups came together to talk to people in Moe and Traralgon and hear their vision for the future.

More than 200 people completed the survey through face-to-face interviews and online. Only residents with Latrobe Valley postcodes were included.

Here's what the survey found.

When asked if there should be a plan to support the Latrobe Valley as power stations like Hazelwood close, 98% of respondents said YES.

84% thought local people should be involved in planning for the future of the Valley.

Roughly the same number thought Local Council and the Victorian government should play a role.

93% of respondents thought that the Victorian government should provide funding to help the Latrobe Valley and 87% thought the federal government should contribute.

People in the Latrobe Valley want a future that is more diverse and more sustainable.

The survey also asked people what they think needs to happen to make sure the Latrobe Valley has a positive future.

Here are some of their visions...

"A holistic transition plan that focuses on new opportunities in manufacturing, health services, and education to shift the focus from the fossil fuel industry to a focus on community-owned employment and economic opportunities."
"Improved television and internet communication such as mobile phone and NBN"
"We need to reduce crime rates and create a stronger sense of community through on going arts and cultural events, we need to promote our gourmet foods and sell more locally too. Services for those with disability need to be increased in an ageing community."
"I am thinking No.1 is that the Valley has to be liveable, as say Daylesford, then people would want to come and put down roots and money. That means no toxic industries, clean and green food supplies and good quality services, including public transport and a fine 3 tier education system."
"Planning to attract industries and manufacturers of solar panels and wind powered turbines into this area. We can create a cleaner future as a transition from brown coal based economy"
“Less vacant blocks and newer houses affordable housing. Council to keep nature strips and grass areas mowed regularly, clean up graffiti and rubbish better lit streets more places to go"
"Fast rail to Melbourne and manufacturing jobs in Valley."
"Co operative businesses have proven to be more resilient so this should be promoted. The government should explore Geothermal energy to make Latrobe Valley energy independent. Support Earthworker."

How we collected results

More than 200 people completed the survey. Answers were gathered by volunteers going door to door in Moe and Traralgon as well as through online promotion using Facebook. Only results with Latrobe Valley postcodes have been included.

The raw data can be downloaded here.

About Environment Victoria

Formed in 1969, we're an independent environment charity funded by donations. We've been working on a clean energy transition for the Latrobe Valley since the early 2000s. Our most recent report, Life After Coal, explores what a well-managed transition for the Latrobe Valley could look like, including sustainable economic opportunities. Visit envict.org/life-after-coal

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