Putt Putt Challenge anthony phan

Description of project

There are four main steps we need to follow during this challenge: Approach a stationary golf ball set on a “tee” moving at least 6 inches, Sense the golf ball, Strike and Propel the golf ball towards the cup, with a goal to land the ball in the cup in the least number of “strokes”. For more rules and instruction copy and paste the link into the url: https://drive.google.com/a/badinhs.org/file/d/0B2O8tjWdITIARzRfSURmX3FSTGNQRWstRU1KU1lUMDEyUlow/view?usp=sharing

Picture of the program

hard hit
soft hit

Picture of the robot

Video of Robot



At first this challenge sounded very difficult, but when I saw multiple examples it turned out pretty easy. I had lots of help looking at other people's robot and putting gears on the club to making it swing faster. When the challenge actually started, I lost most of my confidence due to the disqualification I got in the beginning. I learned from my mistake and will hopefully not make it again.


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