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Cause 1 ~

Resources were important for the cause of exploration. The Europeans wanted sugar, raw material, natural resources, precious metals. They had to travel on boats for these resources if they wanted them because they were on other countries that they found out about after exploring. The Europeans decided to use the Triangular Trade route which was between Europe, Africa, and America. The finished products that they had from Europe went to Africa , then from Africa they got slaves and took them to America, Then lastly got raw materials from america and gave them to Europe also they could have precious metals and sugar that they wanted. All these resources caused the exploration because the Europeans wanted what the others had so they started to explore the countries for new resources.

Triangular Trade

Cause 2 ~


"Spread the love of God through your life but only use words when necessary" by Mother Teresa. Europeans wanted to spread Christianity to all the places they explored. They wanted to get the word out there. As for many rulers they would forces the religion on people so people wouldn't want to be under them and they would go find rulers that would encourage the religion but not force it on them. Christianity was the main thing that was being spread to new places, land, country, etc. you could see people convert and it is so eye opening to see people accept Christ as there personal Savior and Lord. Sometimes people wouldn't because they didn't want to or weren't ready but it is still okay if people aren't ready God will open the door when he is ready. people have the chose to believe or not believing. This is why the Europeans explored to new place because they want to share the Truth with others so they know the Truth! Europeans wanted people to convert to Christianity. Today i can see why they are exploring new areas and shared the Truth, its such a great way to do. This is why religion is a cause of exploration. Lets keep on exploring new things.


cause 3 ~

"It's human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice really, it's an imperative." By Michael Collins. They to make many technology to help them explore. Examples like Caravel, magnetic compass, Kamal, and many others. These all helped in many ways like caravel was a boat going across sea, magnetic compass was the way they found out the direction where they were going. Then KaMal is used for latitude. All these tools where so useful for the travel so they didn't get lost. There were many people that helped build each of the tools that where used a lot in exploration. Like Johannes Gutenberg made the printing press and it was useful for school to learn about the exploration and everything about it. Today we still use some of the tools that were made in the exploration. Technology helped so much for exploration because without any of these tools exploration would have been really hard and boats would have gotten lost or would have never explored. That is why technology is used for for the exploration.





Magnetic Compass


tranverse board

cross staff

Lead line

Printing press


Slavery was an effect on exploration because it was the made thing that started the slavery in U.S. When they came up with the tool triangular trade the slaves were part of the trade. So when the European Americans travel or explored area after they did their first stop in Europe they would go to Africa and get the slaves to take them to America. They were poor Europeans usually and they were cheap so they went to America to be the labor source. Slavery started August 1619 and then ended December 6, 1865 by Abraham Lincoln. Also slavery was the 13th Amendment. So slavery effected exploration because when they would explore and doing the trade between Europe, Africa, and America. They would grab the Slaves from Africa and take them to America. So then they could get the product they wanted. Slavery was torture for people, family, everyone that had someone as a slave or when a slave.

Slavery from getting picked up to working


Finding resources effected exploration because they had to go and see what country had the material they wanted. They would trade usually with America, Europe, and Africa. The resources they all looked for and traded with each other were sugar, spices, raw material, and metals. Resources were needed for their land they owned so when they sent people out looking for resources it was exploration because they got to see new places. Finding resources was effect for exploration.


map of routes


Europeans found America by Christopher Columbus. This was an effect on exploration because they had to go across the sea to find the other lands. Columbus thought that he was going to East Indies but he found a new side of the world, new land. All the way to he's death he didn't know that he found a new land. German Cartographer Amegio Vespucci named the land that Columbus found America after himself. America was known for Great riches: Raw material, Metals, Sugars, and also Natives were on the land. This is why Europeans explored and traveled because they wanted to trade with America the materials they had. New places were found in Exploration.

finding America
Christopher Columbus


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