Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline san leandro, ca

Not gonna lie - this is not one of our favorites.

But it's convenient for specific use cases for us. Namely when the humans want to bike ride and have me run both on and off leash with them.

Entrance from Neptune Drive

The park is essentially an oval, with the perimeter as an on-leash paved biking/walking trail and an off-leash area in the middle, which is primarily dirt, grass and some gravel.

Left: leash-only path. Right: signs for off-leash designated areas


The park is near the Oakland airport, which is kinda cool since you can watch planes land and takeoff - but also means a lot of noise.

You need a dirt/mountain bike to ride in the off-leash area as it's rocky and can get very muddy after it rains.

My humans like having me run off leash with them when they bike. If you're a chaser then there's ample room to run here!

Be careful where you step...a lot of people don't seem to pick up after their pups.

They're doing a lot of renovation here. It seems like to build paths that go through the middle of the park, so it may look very nice within a year or two. But until then, there's a lot of construction going on.

While there are some nice views here, it's very industrial and a bit stinky when the wind is just right. Sometimes it smells like a tar pit, and other times it's just stinky.

Getting some practice runs with my new booties.

Tired pup = happy pup (even with booties)

Although you can't tell from our pictures, the couple of times we've come here there are lots of other dogs to socialize with, some super playful and loud like me, and some are a bit scary, to be honest. One time I was just happily chasing mom on her bike when a big dog kept blocking me and attacking me! I don't know what his problem was! He even went after my mom and barked at her! Sheesh!


The paved trail around the park from the Neptune Drive entrance to the Bill Lockyer Bridge is 2 miles.

Since there are a lot of serious road cyclists here it's very important to keep dogs leashed where it's designated. No accidents, please!

The bicyclists here are all very polite letting you know when they need to pass.

Views from the bridge

Lots of bird watching here.

If you want to learn more about the park you can check here.

There aren't many places where mom is comfortable biking and having me off leash (since she doesn't like mountain biking), so this park offers the best of both worlds, but sometimes the smell can get so overwhelming it's just not worth it. Plus, it's far if you live in the city.

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is parking (street)
  • Yes & No, this is an off-leash AND on-leash park
  • No, this is not a fenced enclosure
  • Yes, there are doggy (and human) water fountains
  • Yes, there are poop bags (at entrance)
  • Yes, there are trash bins
  • Yes, there are benches
  • Yes, there are toilets

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