Intro Art 2016 Jack FederiCo•A

"Fede" Sparpie on paper
"Rowing" wire and wood
"Descending Flame" paper behind cut canvas
"Glint Crack" Paint on thin canvas
"Morning in Fedsburgh" fine point Sharpie and colored pencil on paper

I made the point of emphasis at the lower left interest intersection. To complete this I used a gradual darkening from front to back toward my vantage point. I made use of texture with the brick pattern on my front right building and the cracks in the sidewalk. The seams make it feel like there is depth and richness to those surfaces. I used color to acheive a similar effect as shading. By mixing colors with their neutrals, darker analogous colors, or their complements, I created darker hues at the bottoms, edges, and rears of buildings and other objects. Technically I have a very small amount of negative space, however, the A sides of my front two buildings have so little detail they are almost negative space. This is not a detriment to the work, though, because it helps accentuate the point of emphasis, as the positive space appears denser further back.

"San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk"(1908-1912)Oscar-Claude Monet, oil on canvas 65.2 cm × 92.4 cm (25.7 in × 36.4 in) located at National Museum Cardiff, Wales

The point of emphasis is the tall tower at the upper left (utilizing rule of 3rds). Monet also uses much darker colors for the building than its surroundings, and further specifies the tower by contrasting its vertical lines with the horizontal lines in the rest of the image.

The use of color is important in this painting: the use of both warm and cool colors helps us understand that the sunset inspires both calmness and excitement. The horizontal lines for the ripples in the water have a calming effect as well.

This work makes me feel very calm and at peace. Monet solicits this emotion from me especially with the ripples on the water and the reflection of the tower and the colorful sky. It makes it seem like I am actually there, watching the sunset.

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