Child Labor By: Emily Romero

Craig Kielburger

This is Craig Kielburger he was an important role in these kids lives becouse he felt like he was able to make a difference with kids who were surviving hard labor so as a kid he felt like he was able to make a difference.When he realized that he was able to help he was 12 years old and was already traveling the world and learning about there environmental impact.

Craig kielburger had published a book witch talked about how his experience was looking and exploring how the kids witch worked in hard labor."Children can change the world" "there are more than 250 million working children.Thats equal to the entire population of the United States.But wasn't fair at the same time to.

Craig Kielburger was a big help in the process of helping the kids into who needed it the most witch was way more kids than you would think and he would tech them how to read or write to help them understand more and to be able to help others and provide new teachings and as time went by from his help they has improved to believe in themselves to dream and do what ever they can accomplish.

Know the kids would live freely with liberty to do whatever they want.They are know able to write letters since Craig Kielburger had gave them a short lesson on how to write.Also with that said with his speech he had inspired people to go for what they want and can accomplish anything and everything with out having to worry about going into hard labor that they are forced to do and working who knows how many hours a day.But Craig Kielburger did make a huge impact on the fact that making children work under the worse conditions and no treatment once or ever if infection.So the question now is how can you make a difference?

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