A Time I was Scared Dawn K.

One day my mom, Aunt Jen,and I went to Kings Dominion, and I rode the Berserker. The Berserker looks like a pirate ship! We were next up in line so we all sit together and when we sat down the seats were so hot we all said “OW!” The people who were running the Berserker said “1,2,3,” and it stated. First, it just went side to side and I said “ok it’s not that bad.” Next, it went sideways back and forth. Last it went UP SIDE DOWN!!!

The Berserker at Kings Dominion

I was so scared I even screamed, and maybe cried a little bit. Then it went back right side up, and back up side down! I was screaming to the top of my lungs. Even my mom and Aunt screamed. Finally it went right side up and stopped. I was so glad it was over, but I did have a lot of fun. The safety bars went up and we could get out. We all had so much fun at Kings Dominion! I was so brave that day.


Created with images by Amy Loves Yah - "Six Flags - Great American Scream Machine"

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