Santorini, Greece The ochi day


Today is the day the Greeks celebrate “The Ochi Day”, which simply means the “no” day. This marks the anniversary when the Greeks said no to the Italians to invade them and was the day they joined the war with the allied forces against Italy and Germany during the Second World War. All the locals were all out to celebrate and watch the parade which consisted of at least half the local population!

It was good to be part of their celebrations and to see such strong patriotism in the town and the strong family bonds between multiple generations.

After the celebrations and a dip in the spa, we headed for the famous Oia sunset and dinner before again missing the last bus, resulting in a shared cab with a couple of young gap year American boys.

The Ochi Day Parade

Afternoon snacks

Oia for the Sunset and Dinner

Traditional Greek Food

For dinner

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