Old Friends Are Your True Friends Storybook by Laura Pichette

Summer camp was my escape, it was where I took my mind off of all my other problems and just had fun. I never experienced a day where I wanted to leave early, actually I would beg and plead to stay overnight. My friend Marissa’s aunt owned the camp, so I would be allowed to stay extra hours to hang out, and potentially stay overnight. Although I had many fun experiences at camp, there were some problems as well, but most drama was surrounding one girl, Jessica.

Jessica always seemed to be the boss and just overall thought she was in control of everything and everyone. I personally attempted to avoid Jessica’s drama, and did a genuinely fine job because I had to do this throughout the school year too. At camp, I avoided her by hanging out with my other camp friends, Marissa, Emma and Lizzy. Me, Marissa, Emma and Lizzy always had a good time together. We shared laughs, inside jokes and enjoyed quality time together in and out of camp. However, as Jessica gained more popularity, I found myself wanting to be her friend, so I could be popular too. One part of me was saying “you’ll have more fun” and the other part of me said “stick with your real friends.”

I slowly started to drift away from Emma, Lizzy and Marissa, and became closer with Jessica. One night Jessica invited me over her house to sleepover, the whole night Jessica talked about my friends and expected me to talk about them too. I could tell Jessica was becoming upset that I did not agree with what she was saying about my friends, so I decided to agree with Jessica, and I called my friends "the freaks of the camp."

The next day at camp I noticed Jessica hanging out with Lizzy, Emma and Marissa, and they were ignoring me even more than before. I knew Jessica had told them what I said, so later in the day I went up to Jessica and asked her what was going on. She gave me a dirty look and walked away with Lizzy, Marissa and Emma.

I spent the rest of the camp day wondering what was going on, and eventually confronted the whole group. As I walk up, Emma, Lizzie and Marissa looked at me but didn't say anything. Jessica stood up from the picnic table and said "what you said about my friends was so rude, I thought you were a their friend" and then turned around and walked away with the rest of the group. I was so outraged and confused because she was the one who was talking about them, but she turned it on me. As the day started to come to an end, I could not wait to get home and didn't even bother to stay a minute after camp. When I got home I checked my phone to see if I had any messages.

I received a text message from Lizzie which read something along the lines of "I never even imagined you would do this to us, Laura." I was so upset and broke down completely, my summer was ruined. I had lost my best friends. The next morning, I told my mom and dad I did not feel well so I could skip camp. I couldn't believe Jessica did this to me. The next day as I sat home in my room, I decided to make a group chat with the rest of the girls, besides Jessica, to sort things out. I texted how sorry I was for saying such a terrible thing about them. I truly did not mean what I said about them, I just wanted to fit in with Jessica and the "cool group." It took a day or two for us to go back to normal, but eventually they forgave me and everything started to be normal again.

The hard part was forgiving Jessica, I was far too upset. The next day, she came up to me as I was unloading the boats into the lake and said, "so you're cool with the goody goody group now?" I looked at her with such a disappointed look on my face and said, "they're better friends than you will ever be Jessica." She looked at me in shock, then walked away. Although at the time I felt as if Jessica deserved to hear what I had to say, lashing out at her made me feel extremely guilty. I wanted to apologize so the next day at camp I decided that I would talk things out because knowing that we left the camp week on a bad note really hurt me. Also, seeing her in school would've been awkward, so the best thing to do was to forgive her. I approached her at camp and said, “I’m sorry for lashing out on you.” But at the same time, she said she was also sorry. I didn't have the heart to decline her apology, so we made up and she joined Lizzy, Emma, Marissa and I for a sleepover that Saturday night. We all grew closer and when school started, Jessica and I were teammates, classmates, and friends.


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