ANALOG ATENEO Photos by COM 171 2017 Students

Is film still relevant to today's millennial students? Will film answer to a generation's thirst for everything that is quick, instant, and digital? What is the role of visual communication in the future?

A class of 22 students was divided into 6 smaller groups. Each group was provided with a plastic point and shoot camera with iso 200 film. Shooting scripts were designed to be non-disruptive in their daily lives. A partner interview and an individual paper was used to collect the words of the students.

Photos by Nathan
Seeing Ateneo with unexpected elements - Photo by Andee

What does My Ateneo mean?

Photos by Kyla, Mari, Nadine, Jessie, and Den

"My Ateneo" is independence. It's where I learned to [be] dependent on myself and be an adult."

Ateneo is represented by the Red Brick Road. The photo shows a flock of students, whose busy lives intersect and as they merge together between classes; when they become just blurred faces, they form group of Ateneans - a community.

“My Ateneo” constantly changes. What Ateneo means to me, and the people and things that define it, have evolved throughout the four years I’ve been here. There are constants, though, which I’d say comprise of moments of bliss; and I think the new driveway behind Matteo best shows this, as parts of it are still under construction, but it’s still a pretty sight, all the same.

Photos by Nina, Danica, and Robert
Where does Ateneo begin or end for you?

Dan took a photo of himself through a mirror in the Rizal Library because for him, Ateneo does not begin or end in some physical space - it begins and ends with him. Dan spent most of his life growing up in this school, so "Atenean things" such as Ignatian and Jesuit values, and experiencing things that culminates the Ateneo Way, have become part of him. These things have been so deeply ingrained in him that he cannot objectively separate it from him as a person.

Photos by Andee and Pat
Photos by JIll

Ateneo begins in Starbucks cause she spends most of her mornings there. It ends in Malanday, Marikina because she said that "we interact with that community for some of our majors. I feel like being an Atenean or Ateneo doesn't really stop on campus."

Photos by Beta and Yanna
For Andee, Ateneo begins behind the immaculate conception chapel. She always begins her day by going here to say a short prayer, she also feels at peace in this area.

The activity called for interactions with the Ateneo community, student had to ask people for their portraits and personal stories. While any camera could have been used, the analog camera became an ice breaker and talking point.

Photos by Jessie, Kyla, and Den

Her Ateneo worker was the security in the school of management area. The subject seemed happy that his photo was going to be taken. The photo allowed me to see a different side of these security guards since they're almost always so serious when doing their job

She took a portrait of Andi Fandiño at the career fair. She seemed very interested in the different companies compared to all the other people around her. It's very relevant especially because we're graduating soon.

Her Ateneo worker was Kuya Charito, who works as the main chef of her JSEC Stall (The Yorker). He has been working in JSEC for about 5 years already, and he enjoys working/serving students. He also plans to keep working at JSEC if another stall hires him again.

She took a photo of a janitor in SOM, and he was happy to have his portrait taken.

"I took a portrait of my friend Paolo, because he’s always game for anything, especially if it involves having his photo being taken. He was in blue that day, too, so I took it as fate."

Nadine took a portrait of her friend, Nate, whom she met 3 days before the photo was taken. Nate is also a vlogger and they were in UP. They were checking out the prices for film cameras being sold there. She said that Nate is a good storyteller and he likes puns.

He took a portrait of Frances, his close friend. He brought her to Gesu bench where it means something for the both of them.

She took a photo of Anthony Carreon, a security guard. He was surprised, and Chynna assumes that this is because not a lot of students pay attention to him (sad)

I really love this activity because it made me feel nostalgic and brought me back to the days when my parents took photos of me using our film camera.

The activity however, has its challenges. These cameras have technical and practical limits. It can get frustrating when the camera won't wind, light leaks in, or when the developer gets it wrong. But it is part of the nature of film. It asks the user to be aware. It asks the user to slow down, to think and feel at the same time. To consider the time, space, and its ephemerality.

"I love film and I can definitely say that film is not dead! I hope this culture continues to proliferate as a medium in the coming generations. I also hope that it's not just some passing trend because it is such a pure medium."

The students may be different and the medium unfamiliar. But the revenance remains. Ateneo will always be home.


Text and Photos by COM 171 students

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