Rachel's Goals English 2 Period 6

Semester Goal- I want to get all As and Bs and be a happier person. I will do this by staying on top of my homework. I will do work and project when they are assigned instead of choosing to hangout with friends. I will not do sloppy work and just turn it in because I did it. I will take the time to figure it out.

English Class Goal-My goal for English class is to get an A and have fun. In this class I will achieve an A by doing my work and turning it in on time. Not slacking is a big part of achieving this goal. Although I am no longer in honors I will still work my hardest.

High School Goal-My High School goal is to have a very fun time with my friends and get good grades. I feel like High school is when you're supposed to have fun, and do well in school. I have had trouble with both aspects but I have been working on it.

After High School Goal-After High School I would hope to go to NYU but first I want to go to community college for two years, then NYU. NYU is my dream school but I need to get better grades to be able to get in. I think that if I go to community college for two years, then that would be good for that school. Even if I don't get in I want to move to New York, or Hawaii.

Personal Growth-My personal growth goal is to be more positive, workout more and eat good. In all I just want to grow and be happy. I want to grow through being nice to people and spreading positiveness. I need to be more adventurous.


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