Sofy Price B6


My favorite fruit are kiwis! They come north central and eastern China.
My favorite vegetables are potatoes! They can be cooked and made into so many different foods. The potato comes from Peru and extreme northwestern Bolivia, found in between 8000 and 5000 BC.

Dressed for success

In this picture I'm wearing a nice dress. When you go to do an job interview it's important to dress up and more classy than usual. This shows the person hiring you that you care about not only the job but about making a good impression.

3 Labs

This was the called the breakfast lab. In this lab you could only have one person at a time in the kitchen while the other told that person what to do and cook. We learned about communication and teamwork and how important it is in the kitchen and many other places.
The Illusions lab. In this lab we made foods that look like a certain type of food but it's not the actual food. These look like cupsckaes, but their made from ground beef and mashed potatoes. We learned that you can create lots of different foods and be creative, but their not going to taste a certain way just because of the appearance.
The vegetables pizza. In this lab we learned and practiced cutting different vegetables for the pizza. We were learning about different vegetables and how they can be used in so many different ways.


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