Jamaica is a country with a very interesting history, a lot of origin, product territory and famous peopleToday we’re gonna talk of the Jamaica, First the Jamaica is in the Carribean next to Haiti and below cuba and USA. There’s 14 parts and the capital of Jamaica is Kingston.

The History

. Now we are gonna talk of the history of Jamaica. The tainos were the first civilization in Jamaica a group of Amerindien. So when the Spanish came the tainos bringing gift to them but the Spanish put them in slavery, then they killed them, that’s a genocide (dogs beatin). In 1655 the British came to hispanola the Spanish won the war but later the 2 parts did a new war and this time the British won the war and they kept the Jamaica for them. Now the Jamaica was an English colony many irish workers came to Jamaica to work on African plantation brought to the island the british slave the Africans, the irish rape the black women and when the baby’s born they were mulatto, at this time the black people were not considered human indentured workers brought to the island after slavery ended ,!!!! from india and china is not slave but they earned a little of money . People who living on Jamaica irish indian English chinease !!!! The Jamaican earned their independence in 1962

The Jamaican coat of arms

arms because the Jamaican population is mixed many and cultures

The culture

The national fruit is the ackee, it’s a poison fruit so you have to cook it before eating.

The ackee

The national dish is ackee and saltfish.

Ackee and salt fish

The most popular Jamaican dish are, peas and rice and chicken,

Rice and peas and chicken

curried chicken, and jercked chicken with a lot of spice,

At left curried chicken and at right jercked chicken

the curried goat we can find it on the supermarket but for chrismas we buy the goat and you kill her by yourself.

Curried goat

The money in Jamaica is the Jamaican dollars, on the money theirs is Jamaican heroes. . On five hundred dollars there is a slave woman who fought for freedom

the five hundred dollars

The tourism

The major tourist destination in Jamaica is Negril, Negril is located in Westmoreland. the beach on west Worland is 7 miles 11.2 km cliff jumping every years there are on august some very big party a national parties the people come everywhere to take part on this party

The bitch on negril

There is the dunn’s river falls, that’s another tourist destination and that’s the only one waterfall who can be climb.

dunn's river

The famous people

Usain Bolt, Asapha powel And Bob Marley

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