The Jim Crow Era By: Joe Chase

Political: White citizens made laws for blacks that prevented them from living free lives in the U.S.

In Florida, a law was made that "schools for the White and schools for Colored people shall be conducted separately". This law made it so that Blacks were prohibited to go to school which whites. People were stripped of there rights to go to school because of there color, and could not be friends with Colored people.

A law in Alabama, said "all buses in this state operated by any other transportation company shall have separate waiting rooms or spaces and separate ticket windows for the white and colored race". This law prohibits people from going in the same bus stop. This also costed the state money because they had to pay for two bus stops, even though the colored bus stop was probably not the best.

Another law, is that "no person or cooperation shall require any white female nurse to nurse in wards or rooms" This law meant that many black people might not have gotten the best treatment from this law. It also meat that they could have not gotten the best treatment because Nurses could nit take care if the olores people.

Economic: During the Jim Crow era, Colored people were cut from the economy, and did not get a fair share of money, or money at all

Blacks were not payed equally in US, Many were payed around 30% (or lower) less than whites. Keep in mind that this was during the Great Depression and whites were barely making money in US . This means that Colored people were barely getting any money.

Colored people were granted equal rights, but weren't granted them by the colored people. Whites came up with sneaky ways to get around the separate but equal rules Grandfathering prevented them from voting, running for office, being on a jury etc.

Grandfathering enabled whites to take advantage of blacks because it made the blacks take hard literacy tests, making it so they can't do simple things because there parents or grandparents couldn't. If there grandparents were not allowed to do it, then they were not allowed to. This was a sneaky way that the white people finessed the laws against the black people.

Social/Cultural: During the Jim Crow era, Jim Crow etiquette made life almost impossible for colored people, by harsh etiquettes created by society.

If a black person rode in a car driven by a white person, the black person sat in the back seat, or the back of the truck.This means that the black person had to sit in the back of the car because of his race. It could be really unsafe in this back of the car or the truck, and he was at risk of dyeing because of his race.

White people had the right of way at all intersections; This meant that white people got to go automatically if a black persons came to the intersection. The black People basically had to yield to a white person Due to there race.

Blacks were not allowed to show public affection towards one another in public, especially kissing, because it offended whites. This meant that they could not go on dates and kiss one another because that would be against their etiquette. This excluded them by not allowing them to love one another in public like a white person can.

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