Last Chance to Win (This is where you can hear PL read a sexy excerpt and win the VIBRATOR!)

Keep scrolling for details!

Nadine is a university student with a secret desire she hasn't explored.

Professor Thompson discovers her naughty blog and contacts her.

Nadine has no idea that the man offering to uncover her submissive side is her English professor.

Here's your SEXY EXCERPT read by Patient Lee!

Want some “aural sex?” Click below and start at the 12:45 mark! You'll hear Patient Lee reading a sexy scene!

Will Nadine forgive Professor Thompson for deceiving her?

Get a Free Copy of Muffin’s Change in the House of Flies!

How many references to the Deftones' song can you find in the book?

Tell me about them and win a sweet prize! Batteries included!

All the details are on the Entry Form. Click below to read them and to participate. The song and the link to get the book for free are in there.

You will have to read the book and identify at least two parallels between the book and the song to enter. If you read the book and can't find the parallels, that's fine. Just tell me how much you loved the book and how awesome I am, and I'll enter you in the drawing. (The law requires that I allow entries even if you don't read the book, so send me a message and I'll enter you, too. I will, however, mutter under my breath that the book isn't even that long and wonder why you don't want to read it!)

Contest ends February 28, 2018. US residents only. See the Entry Form for complete rules and details.

(You do not have to join the group or be present to win.It would make me happy if you’d come though. )

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Patient Lee



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