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The ECO Foundation creatively educates people through art and entertainment while connecting them with opportunities to better themselves and their communities

We are building a world where people love themselves, and use their purpose to make it a better place.


We are excited to announce the opening of our new home, The ECO Center, located at 5411 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139

“The ECO Center is a space of radical transformation where our team meets people where they are to get them to where they’re going”

  • Children & Adult Education
  • Food/Resource Distribution
  • Arts & Cultural Experiences
  • Community Classes & Workshops
  • Workforce Development (Ages 10+)
Board Members KD Morris & Trish Lowry


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Volunteer of the Month Ms. Cribbs supporting our Saturday Royal Resource Distribution


Our Founding Executive Director Kyle “The Conductor” Morris
VICE PRESIDENT Daquisha & President Oba


We can all use a lil somethin somethin every now and then. These times have been challenging to say the least. If you have difficulty getting to and from grocery stores to get fruits, veggies, and starches at affordable prices, then let us know.


We can’t do this alone, and need great people to help us make a difference. Please sign up at this link to stay informed about where and when we’ll be serving.


Do you know a Young BUL (Bold Unstoppable Leader) between 10-17 years old looking to bring some positivity, light, and love to your community? We are all kings and queens and everything in between, and with royalty comes responsibility. They will be responsible for making sure your neighbors that have challenges getting to the grocery store have their needs met.


There is a lot of work that needs to be done, and we cannot do it alone. If you are interested in making sure the nutritional needs of your neighborhood are met, then apply to be a Nutrition Ambassador at the link below to get more information on how you can serve your community.

It takes a several small villages of a few caring people to make our world a better place. Do your part today!



A series of workshops that reminds young people of their royalty, and the responsibility that comes with it. Our young people engage in interactive discussions and games to discover their superpowers. We connect them to educators and entertainers that find creative ways to motivate and inspire them. Our goal is to support them in growing into the heroes we know them to be, and not the villains that society will try to make them. In addition, we offer them strategies to heal from what they’ve been through as they discover new ways to love themselves and others.

ROYAL BY NATURE: Summer of Soulcial Discovery

Royal By Nature connects the leaders of tomorrow with the safe space they need to cultivate their skills and discover their purpose, so they can live healthy and fulfilling lives. Our goal is to connect young people living in West and Southwest Philly to Bartram’s Gardens to work, learn, serve, and grow. Young people work side by side with the children they serve to grow food, fish, and connect with nature and each other. In addition, they take courses designed to holistically educate, empower, and inspire them. They develop a sense of pride in the natural, artistic, and creative work they produce that will reinforce their confidence in and out of the classroom. This year we have partnered with Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School to provide young leaders between the ages of 8 and 13 with virtual and in person classes.


Bustlenomics (business of hustling and economics) teaches young people how to set financial goals for themselves and their community. While raising those funds, they strengthen their mathematics and 21st-Century skills. The goal is to teach our royal future how to create their own opportunities to see the world as apart of themselves. We teach young people to break down their business plans into manageable tasks. Then we encourage young Kings and Queens to start building their empire one campaign at a time. Our use of project-based learning with PA Common Core standards, helps strengthen their entrepreneurial skills.

Cheris is one of our newest "Bustlesprouts"! She's a dynamic young praise dancer who shares her gift weekly throughout the tri-state. This ten year old has just taken her first step in being her own boss! Contact us to find out how you can support her today!!
DJ Top Choice is teaching future DJ’s some of the skills necessary to pursue a career in audio engineering and social gathering enhancement.


We use a series of projects, trainings, games, and Socratic discussions to teach English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Civics. Our goal is to support the life long learners of today to be the leaders of tomorrow in and out of the classroom. Epictetus states that “only the educated are free”, so we liberate the minds of our young people so they can develop the skills to be the heroes their community needs.

Gideon is a Service Site Ambassador that serves as the liaison between his campus, instructor, and our organization. Paid internships are one of the ways we support young leaders. This king used multiple mediums to communicate what his goals for his life entail. His goal is simple... “Black excellence and generational wealth”
In addition to social, financial, and academic literacy, physical literacy is an essential skill if someone is going to lead their people to liberation. Brother Russell supported us in teaching our students basic self defense techniques.
@HeartChangersTraining certified our young people in CPR and first aid, so they can be ready to save a life. Our goal is to add skills to their repertoire making them more valuable to their community and marketable in the workplace.
Students work in teams to quiz each other on academic content. You can only drop a piece into the Connect 4.0 board if you get the correct answers.


This program teaches scholars the step by step process of conceptualizing and developing their ideas into videos that get their message across. We've created PSA's, short films, and music videos to raise awareness on relevant topics they choose. Our goal is to equip young people with a skill that can spark interest in a career in media or technology while positively changing their communities.

A Social Media Challenge Created By High School & College Students in Philadelphia, PA

These young people created a public service announcement to raise awareness for domestic violence

The Selfiesteem Photobooth


From self-care and communication to money management and mental health, we do our part to creatively educate our community. We offer a series of activities, workshops, and professional developments to support the people molding the next generation.

“Under The Cuts”: a group of men, a barber, and a therapist discussing the cuts under their fades and how to heal them.
Queen Laisha leading a “Phamily Matters” workshop focusing on self care.
The MLK Town Hall: Excellence and Equity in Education 2020 experience brought students, families, teachers, administrators, and stakeholders together to discuss ways to improve our education system.



SOUL (Sound Of Upcoming Legends)

SOUL Care - This exhibition of self-care offered guest of variety of ways to protect them selves during the colder months to combat seasonal depression.

SOUL School - A site wide artist showcases that features our edutainers, and often includes student performers as well.

Teacher SOUL - This collaboration highlights the talented artists who serve as guest educators with Enriched Schools.

The Global Experience - A festival that uses international wine/food tasting, visual/performing arts, and interactive discussions and activities to bridge the gaps that divide us

The Big Old Kids Party - An adults only event designed to help us heal by bringing out our inner child and celebrating life before the BillS! A community that plays together stays together. For more information click this link.

The Big Old Kids Party


The ECO Foundation has served over 2300 students and families, dispersed over $9,600 in scholarships, distributed 10 laptops, and over $3,500 in micro grants to individuals and small businesses in 2019.

Apply for our scholarship today!
This queen received a laptop for the completion of her internship at the Royal By Nature Summer Experience
As we distance socially it is essential for our young people to move closer to their dreams. We were told this dynamic young man could benefit from having an instrument at home. We were fortunate enough to be able to fill this need. We look forward to seeing what he accomplishes.

2019 Small Business Micro Grant Recipients:

The 2019 Personal ECO Micro Grant recipients are not publicized, but have a combined total of over $2,550


“We thank you for all that you've exposed to our daughter. She was thrilled each week to go to camp even though she is an introvert, she loved it.”

Nichelle, Parent

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for our boys. Seriously, the work you do means a lot. They need to see there’s more options out there than what they see."

Mercedez, Parent

“I’ve never done anything like this before. I can’t wait to come back!”

Syncere, Student

“You could see that the kids were genuinely happy to be here, and that they took pride in what they’ve accomplished. They had the confidence to speak in front of a large crowd, and share their talents.”

Daquisha, Guest

“My daughter cried when she found out the program came to a close. That meant a lot to me, because I also appreciated the sense of community I’ve built in those parent meetings” - Toni, Parent

We asked our students at Richard Allen Prep Charter what were their “Blessons” (Blessings & Lessons) from the class. Here’s what they said...

Here’s an email we received on the last day of school 😄

It Takes A Village, and Ours is Royal By Nature

With your support we can continue creatively educating and inspiring people through art, entertainment, and fashion while connecting them to opportunities to better themselves and their community...

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Our Board of Directors

Oba Sankofa, President

Warrior. Artist. Historian.

Daquisha Jones, Vice President

Idealist. Radical. Storyteller.

Kyle Morris, Founding Executive Director

Edutainer. Conductor. Servant.

Trish Lowry

Mother. Veteran. Caregiver.

K.D. Morris

Father. Leader. Teacher.

Ariel Goodwin

Expressionist. Healer. Catalyst.

Nyne Sellers

Guardian. Servant. Leader.

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