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Ecuador is located in South America. It is a place with divine culture and amazing geographical features. The capital is Quito and the population is 15.74 million. Art is a big part of their culture and many great artists have originated from Ecuador.

Famous Revolutionaries

  • Simon Bolivar: He freed Venezuela from the rule of the Spanish and other countries including Ecuador.
  • Ernesto “Che” Guevara: He initiated revolutions, one being to free Cuba from the government in 1956. &

Famous Singers

Ricardo Pita - Been on his own for 15 years. Does Balkan music, swing, jazz, flamenco, folclor andino, and tropical sounds.

Lolabum - New group with only 8 months of experience but they have quickly become popular.

Largest Cities

Guayaquil -

3.5 million people

Cuenca -

400 thousand people

Guayaquil-left. Cuenca-right.

Famous Geographical Features

Sumaco - A main stratovolcano off Ecuador's volcanic axis.

Wolf Island - Named after German Geologist Theodore Wolf. Island is a popular location for diving. &

Tourist Spots

Tortuga Bay Beach - off of Santa Cruz Island. Swimming takes place at one of the reefs and can view reef sharks.

Illiniza volcano - part of twin of volcanoes. South of Quito and is a popular climbing spot that requires little experience. &

Famous Actors

Julia Delgado Caro - Involved in Spanish theater. She played La Celestina. Both parents were actors which influenced her life.

Ingrid Sonray - Actress and Producer born on Galapagos Islands. Known for her movie Night of the Templar (2013). &

Famous Events

2016 Earthquake - April 16 at 8:58. 7.8 Magnitude, near towns of Muisne and Pedernales. 676 dead and 16000 injured.

Tungurahua Volcano 2016 - February 27, in Huambalo, Ecuador. Erupted several times. &

Famous Buildings

Church and Convent of San Francisco, Quito - From the 16th century. One of the largest architectural buildings of colonial Latin America.

Madonna of El Panecillo - In 1976 a Spanish artist known as Agustín de la Herrán Matorras sculpted this statue after Quito's Madonna.,_Quito &

Strange Foods

Locro soup - Cultural. Potato and cheese soup, one of many.

Choclo - Andean corn that's dried and roasted. Sold as snack.

Famous Authors

Karina Galvez - Poet. Wrote Karina Galvez ---Poetry and songs. Famous poem - Have you ever danced with yourself?

Alejandro Carrion - Poet, novelist, and journalist. Juan Sin Cielo. Founded journal La Calle. &


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