Piece of Paper Traveled Time By: keita takahashi

“Joe, can you hurry?” said May. “Wait,” I said. There is a team of five time-travelers who actually are scientists. I am living with them until I find my parents who put me on the side of the road. I don't know why, but people around me always go gets missing. I’m an unlucky boy.

Today, the scientists and I we are going to see dinosaurs in two million years ago. We can use time machine to travel through time but it can only go to the past. “Let’s go!” said May. She is the best time machine driver in our team, and she is driving the time machine today. Ten minutes later, we got to the forest where dinosaurs live.

“This is so hot and dry forest. Many strange insects are living inside of tall oak trees. Wow, there’s an animal I’ve never seen!” Alex shouted like a little child. “Do not scream,” Jill said to Alex, “the dinosaurs will attack you. And get work, Alex.”

Even this is a field trip for me, this is a special research for the scientists and I can't play with them, so I search for something. I sometimes find a little piece of a paper is printed just one letter. I found 4 of them, O, R, S, and Y. I think it is written by the other time-traveler. But there is just two time machine in the world and that is owned by our team and my…

“Hey, did you find something today?” Nate and Spencer asked me. They know that I always find something new, so they want my help for their research. I just said no and kept walking into silent deep forest. I thought I will be lost if I keep going so I stopped, but it was too late. I lost my way. I ran and search for the scientists, my friends.

I ran until the sun hide behind the trees. It was dark but there is no dinosaurs because that team already caught them for their research. I used all my energy for running, so I slept. When I was sleeping, I opened my eyes for two seconds. There was a shadow of a human. I think someone in the team helped me.

I woke up on the glass field where I was before getting lost in that forest. There was a piece of paper which one letter is printed on. It says R. Here is O, R, S, Y, and R.

RORSY? No. I think it is SORRY. If this is SORRY, I think it is my parents who wrote this, the owner of one of the time machine. I know this is made by parent because I know that my parents left me alone on the road because they were busy for their job and unable to take care of me.

I cannot prove that my parents wrote this, but if I can talk to them now, I will say “You don't have to SORRY me because I have many friends now.”

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