Current Events: Education in China By jonas Jacobson

What is the main issue?

The issues is that there is an education gap between rural and urban memebers of the communities among all levels of school. This reflects Confucius' image of education above everything else but doesn't reflect his image on equal education for all.

Urban Classrooms vs Rural Classrooms: Urban Classrooms have more advanced teachers where as rural classrooms have cramped classrooms, long travel distances for students and teachers to get to school, and the teachers are under sourced. This all rounds up a worse learning experience for children in rural living spaces.
Elementary School: is a government paid, nine year program. Secondary School (High School): is up for the family to pay for. 60% of students in rural China drop out before high school and 95% of rural students drop out before college. When taking tests that place you into colleges test scores state where the student is from, leading into discrimination.

Another Huge Problem:

Many rural students' parents leave there jobs in there rural lifestyle to move to an urban lifestyle, to get a better job. This means the children would be left with there grandparents. This would mean getting a job as soon as possible would be vital so they could help with the household income. Some might say "Why don't the children go with there parents?". Well the reason is that enrolling children in school once you have lived in a "rural life" is hard because of discrimination.

Why is this topic important?

This topic really shows how much discrimination based on the area you live in and it effects your whole social and education. This shows how schools are judging your life based on your social-economic status. This also sets an example for the rest of the countries in Asia on how not to handle the major divide.

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