Saturn By:Alexis RHYmer

The diameter or size of the planet - The diameter of Saturn is 74,898 miles.

The period or rotation and revolution - Saturn’s axis is tilted about 27 degrees upright, in relation of it’s orbit. But indirect measurement indicate that the planet spins around once in about 10 hour 33 minutes. The length of Saturn’s period of revolution, or year is 29.46 Earth years.

Average distance from the sun - The distance away for the sun is 890,750,000.

Origin of the planet’s name - Saturn is named after a character in Roman mythology. Saturn is named after the god Saturn-us, the god of architecture and harvest.

Average surface temperature or range of temperature - The surface temperature of Saturn is - 218 degrees Fahrenheit or -139 degrees Celsius.

4 Interesting Facts -

The number of satellites around Saturn is at least 62.

2. Saturn’s atmosphere is made out of hydrogen, helium, methane, ammonia, ethane, water.

3. The distance away from Saturn away from Earth is 1,030,500,000 miles.

4. Saturn length of years in Earth years is 29 ½.




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