Who was Robert E. Lee by Bonnie Bader

"He was a gambler, in fact he landed in jail for owing money to people." (pg.6)

Based on the context clues "gamble" means to play any game of chance for money or other stakes.

"The slaves had no rights and the plantation owners grew rich." (pg.7)

Based on contexts clues, "plantation" means large fam or estate.

"So it was Robert to take care of his mother, who was sickly woman, and his sisters."(pg.9)

Based on context clues, "sickly" means sick or sick like.

"He liked to learn and was a good student, although sometimes his teachers thought he was a bit to headstrong." (pg.10)

based on the context clues, the word "headstrong" means self-willed and obstinate.

"Robert took a train from Virginia to New York , then he boarded a steamboat and rode up the Hudson River To West Point." (pg.14)

Based on context clues a "steamboat" means a steam powered boat.

"Robert and the other young men entering West Point were called cadets." (pg. 16)

Based on context clues a "cadet" means A student in a national service academy.

"The young men had little free time and only two full days off: Christmas and New Year's and there was a lot of rules if a cadet broke a rule he received a demerit." (pg.20)

Based on context clues a "demerit" means a mark against a person for misconduct.

"Robert was so hardworking and so obedient that his classmates called him a Marble model."(pg.20)

Based on context clues "Marble model" means a perfect role model.

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