2.4 Professional Presentation Planning By: Shakearah McNeil

Who is your Target Audience?

My target audience is the athletic apparel and equipment industry. This industry focuses on fitness while achieving optimal physical performance through endurance and comfort. I will target the corporate executives and investors of the Under Armour, Incorporated.

What might you have in common with them?

Under Armour’s headquarters is located in Downtown Baltimore, Maryland. I was born and raised in Baltimore City and still reside in the area. Through endorsements, we both see expanding opportunities for product sales while also spreading the message of betterment through fitness for improved health within independent and community based athletic programs. While corporately the goal is to boost revenue, we both believe in giving support to the community for the social betterment of all. While Under Armour primarily designs athletic apparel, they also are involved with fitness technology. I am currently learning Software Development in addition to Graphic Design due to my interests in digital arts and computer technology. Under Armour also believes that men do not corner the market on athleticism, but it greatly includes women. Under Armour has showcased heavy interest in targeting women within their marketing to show the support of equality in fitness and endurance.

What are some interesting points about this industry?

Based on statistics from Statista.com, sporting goods and fitness apparel sold with the United States alone creates a hundred billion dollar industry between 2008-2015. In the last 2 years, (as of 2016), 47.3% of desired sports shoes were sold by Nike, Inc. while Under Armour sold 9%. Under Armour placed 6th on a list of 10 name brand sport shoe companies.

Why do you find them interesting?

After taking active steps to improve my health I started researching athletic gear for people who were transitioning to healthier lifestyles versus those who in overall good health. Under Armour has branched out further to reach the masses of the varieties of life further than current more popular brands within the last 3 years. As a result, they stand to see financial growth and social awareness of their brand through marketing to those striving for better health.

What skills/qualities does your industry look for?

The athletic apparel and equipment industry seeks people who are tenacious in overcoming obstacles. They seek people who are highly competitive and relentless about being successful. As the Under Armour motto states, “I Will”; which encompasses far more than wishing things to happen but working diligently to make things happen. Effective innovation will always be paramount to those who control this industry.

What other types of information is important to this group from your industry?

The trends and interest of the general public drive the sales of the athletic apparel and equipment industry as they constantly change. Apparel cannot just “look” good; functionality and endurance weigh heavily on the appeal and interest of the general public. Anyone interested in working in the apparel and equipment industry must have an active interest in sports (professional and non-professional) and fitness with a working knowledge of its’ inner workings. The popularity of budding and current league stars in Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, National Football League, National Hockey League, and Professional Tennis, among several others areas of athleticism; these are strong keys to public interests and influence.

Of the presentation strategies and techniques you have learned so far this month, which would be the most valuable for you to develop and use to appeal to your industry?

Public speaking is a highly required skill in product production. Emotional storytelling will be heavily utilized to build interest in the creation of product lines, promotions, and endorsements. Quality and appropriately quantified visual presentations will equally be essential and beneficial.

What is your True Message/Big Idea?

It is my life long goal to work passionately in a design career where I know I am making a positive impact on the public corporately and socially. I want people to look at the total sum of my mission over the past 2 years, though summarized within this presentation, and see what hard work, boldness, and focused vision can achieve when you create opportunities out of obstacles.

What do you want this audience to do after watching your presentation?

I hope for Under Armour to see how their brand impacted my life directly and how it can have a major impact on the average person in a personable manner. I want them to be impressed and equally surprised at how I combined all of my interests and goals into my chosen profession.

Your Future Self: How are you unique?

Though I will graduate with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design, I will also possess an Associates Degree in Web Development. In several technology circles, it has been deemed difficult to find people who are certified in both Front End and Back End Web Development skills who are also certified in Graphic Design. I intend to bring attention to my athletic equipment designs, technological ideas, and the processes I use to create my ideas while showing how I bridge the gap between art and technology.

What qualities do you bring that are different?

I have a full understanding of the importance of bottom financial line as a business owner, a compassion for social and community responsibility as a philanthropist through my work with low income resources to disadvantaged families, and the creativity of an idealist with the ability to correlate art with technology to bring ideas to life.

How will you excel in your industry?

Having qualifications on paper only gets a person in the door; having various sought after skills and a strong portfolio will keep me thriving. I intend to employ my strong research skills to study trends and public interests, while utilizing my artistic eye to create daring and bold designs that may stand out to the decision makers of Under Armour, Incorporated.

What hardware and software skills will you have mastered as a result of your Full Sail education?

I will be certified as an Adobe Expert in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator as well as proficiency in photography. I have a background in computer technology in addition to 2D and 3D design.

What is your specialty as you finish your degree?

My specialty will be product design, specifically in athletic apparel and sports shoe designs.

What are your unique interests?

My interests are in health and wellness, sports, nutrition, animation entertainment, music, computer technology, software development, visual arts, professional development, public speaking, and community charity services

What potential portfolio projects, goals or internships do you want to complete while you are in school that could enhance your description of being a qualified candidate?

I intend to continue working within a mentorship program geared towards helping people excel in their chosen fields of study. I am also collaborating with a software developer to create an exclusive app geared towards a particular area of sports while continuing to build upon a portfolio of original athletic apparel of my own creation. All of these endeavors are not only of personal interest but professional as well and may bode well in the interest of Under Armour, Incorporated as they seek well rounded, innovative, and forward thinking candidates to join their production family.

Presentation Flow:

Beginning: I intend to explain why someone like myself can promote Under Armour’s brand not only from a professional standpoint but a personal aspect as well. I will explain the correlation of my appreciation of their sponsored athletes with my personal story of struggle. This will explain how Under Armour assisted in the overall improvement of my life and why now, professionally, I want to do the same for others as a member of the Under Armour family.

Middle: I will showcase my educational background as a designer and developer, my specified Adobe certifications, as well as samples of my original designs in a professional portfolio. I’ll attention them to my vast knowledge of professional and non-professional sports and apparel. I’ll share my in depth knowledge of their successes, goals, and endeavors and express how I can contribute to their continued interests.

End: I will share my enthusiasm in the continued need to reach people of all walks of life and using a summation of my personal story of triumph as a reminder; which compliments their corporate brand as well as promotes the active operation of their slogan, “I Will”. I will share how, together, we can continue to draw attention to our common interests and achieve goals personally, professionally, and corporately. Finally, I will conclude by thanking them for their time.

What STAR moments will you use?

They will see academically and professionally how I was tenaciously driven to not only complete dual majors with high marks, but also obtain internationally recognized certifications in a span of two years.

The audience will take away from my presentation the magnitude of the impact their brand had on my life; how being inspired by their brand and their endorsers motivated me to professionally and personally embody what it means to stand in a state of “I Will” and make positive changes.

Created By
Shakearah McNeil


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