Exercise and Eating Right

Eating right was a big part of me in High School because I played so many sports. As I came to college, I stopped playing sports and there are so many unhealthy food choices here that I found myself not being healthy like I once was.

This is a chart that I made for one week to get back to eating right and being healthy.

As you can see, I made an effort to keep up with this chart. It is sometimes hard to do the exercises because classes and homework get in the way, but I think I did really good. By Saturday and Sunday, I did not do my exercises and found myself getting lazy. That is something I plan to work on in the future and now since I have planned this, I want to do more exercises to get back in shape. This has been really helpful and I cannot wait to do even more.

Action Plan:

My action plan would consist of writing workout plans in my schedule because then I would have to check it off. I also would be open to more ideas on how to be healthy like go on a walk instead of a run or try new types of foods. I also would give myself more rewards like say I did really good one day, the next day I might give myself a treat!!!


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