Westport prepares for holiday season with festive decorations by Hannah Ratcliffe '22

With the holiday season nearing, Westport isn't shying away from decorating for the end of the year celebrations. As Staples students are wrapping up their year and submitting their last assignments before the holiday break, festive decorations are increasing around town with bright lights around every corner. Throughout Westport, stores, businesses and restaurants are attempting to spread holiday cheer despite the unfortunate year.

As Westport citizens are finishing their holiday shopping, Downtown Westport is filling its sidewalks, stores and restaurants with jolly decorations that are gaining a lot of attraction from shoppers. Outside Savvy and Grace, a Christmas tree and a tree with hung ornaments are seen, as well as the fairy lights that brighten the sidewalks and wreaths hung from every lamp post.

“The decorations in town give off a very nice holiday vibe and add a cheery and typical aspect to a very atypical year,” Bruno Guiduli ’22 said.

Another favorite Westport tradition: the Cribari Bridge Lights. Sponsored by Al’s Angels, a charity that supports families battling cancer and rare blood diseases by providing meals and gifts, the bridge over the Saugatuck River is decked out with colorful lights, best seen during the dark.

Throughout neighborhoods, families have begun to start putting out decorations as well.

"My family and I usually decorate by putting out our menorah and a mini Christmas tree because we celebrate both holidays." Alexa Anastasi '22 said.

A variety of fun decorations can be seen throughout the town, as each family has its own traditions for the holidays.

"I find decorating to be important because it is a way to get into the holiday spirit," Pia Dottori '23 said. "Also my family is constantly moving and doing different things so this is a way to bring us together."

Photo contributed by Alexa Anastasi '22, Hannah Ratcliffe '22 and Pia Dottori '23.

Local dance studios, like The Spot @ Just Dance Studios, also decorate their lobbies and dance studios with merry lights, candy canes, streamers and snowflakes. The studio takes pride in this annual tradition which creates a cheerful holiday spirit as dancers take classes.

“I really enjoy walking into dance class everyday and seeing the beautiful decorations because it reminds me of the upcoming winter break.” Julia Davis ’21 said. “I think it benefits the atmosphere of the studio because as you enter, the first thing you see are the uplifting decorations and they always put everyone in a cheerful mood.”

Despite COVID-19, Westport is making sure to keep the holiday spirit alive with these merry decorations, wishing all Westport residents a happy holiday season.

“Decorating for the holidays is very important.” Alexa Anastasi ’22 said. “It is a great way to spend extra time with your loved ones and fill your home with a little more joy.”