Laila and Mariam are like a hurricane of hate that eventually dies down to calm, loving waters by: Lexie reinhold and Marissa shirk

1. After the bomb hit Laila, she went to be cared for by Mariam and Rasheed. Time had passed since she had gotten there. Laila was now healed and since then Laila tries to stay out of Mariam's way around the house. They have their first real fight over a lost spoon in the kitchen. To show the anger Mariam feels towards Laila, Mariam says, "...'and you're a whore. A whore and a dozd. A thieving whore, that's what you are'" (Hosseini 233). This quote shows the hate developing between the two characters. They didn't talk for a while after this and tried to stay as far away from each other as possible. Laila starts standing up for herself more after they have this fight.

2. Rasheed marries Laila and decides to set a bunch of rules that basically makes Mariam, Laila's servant. Laila feels uncomfortable in this situation and talks to Mariam about what Rasheed has decided, but before Laila can explain her feelings Mariam jumps in and starts going off about how she won't be Laila's servant and won't do everything for her, then Mariam says, "'and if you think you can use your looks to get rid of me, you're wrong. I was here first. I won't be thrown out. I won't have you cast me out'" (Hosseini 225). This quote shows Mariam's jealousy and hatred toward Laila and the way that she has won Rasheed's love. Mariam is frustrated with the way that Rasheed has thrown her to the side after all she has done for him. Mariam is frustrated with Laila, yet hopes she doesn't get hurt the way she did.

3. Laila has given birth to Aziza, her daughter, yet Rasheed and her are still fighting. He knows this is not his daughter, so he doesn't care how poorly he treats her. Rasheed refuses to buy any new stuff for the baby so he makes her wear boy clothes. Mariam and Laila are still not talking to much, but Mariam feels bad for Laila and the situation shes in. One morning Laila woke up to some new baby clothes for Aziza. The author writes, "two days later, Laila woke up in the morning and found a stack of baby clothes, neatly folded, outside her bedroom door. There was a twirl dress with little pink fishes sewn around the bodice..." (Hosseini 247). This quote reveals Mariam's understanding of the situation that Laila is in, and how it is taking a toll on her life. Mariam also feels for Aziza because Aziza is a Harami just like Mariam. Mariam is starting to feel and show empathy to Laila because she sees how Rasheed is treating her. Laila also is getting to see more of the reality of what her new life may be.

4. Time has passed and the tensions between Mariam and Laila are dying down. The begin to grow closer because of Aziza, and the laughs they share over what she does. One night while they were looking at their reflections in the mirror and laughing so hard they were crying, the author writes, "...that suddenly Mariam started telling her about Jalil, and Nana, and the jinn" (Hosseini 255). This quote demonstrates that they are beginning to feel close enough with each other that they can share about their pasts and just let go of all the secrets they hold. This is the true start of their relationship and the struggles they will begin to share together. They both realize they can no longer deal with Rasheed, and they need to get away. Laila has been saving up and decides to tell Mariam they are leaving this spring, and asks her to join them.

5. Mariam and Laila have been on mother daughter terms for some time now and endure the suffering of Rasheed's harshness together. They have each others backs and do anything it takes to protect one another. One night after a visit from Tariq that Rasheed was unaware of, Zalmai tells Rasheed that a man with a limp was in their house talking to Laila, who uncovered herself to him. Rasheed went ballistic over this and eventually was choking Laila, then Mariam went to the shed and got a shovel to hit Rasheed, a hit wasn't enough so the author says, "and, with that, Mariam brought down the shovel. This time, she gave it everything she had" (Hosseini 348). This quote shows Mariam killing Rasheed to save Laila. Mariam knew she would be in deep trouble if she confessed, but did it anyway. Then Mariam tells Laila that she will say it was her so that Laila, Tariq, Aziza, and Zalmai can live happily. Laila fights this, but Mariam won't back down because as a "mother" she will die for her "daughter's" happiness.


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