Lord of The Flies vs. The Berlin Boxing Club


Lord of The Flies

Ralph is the more charismatic and athletic of the group of boys. He is the elected leader of that group and is the protagonist of the story. While the other boys are more focused on playing and having fun at the beginning, Ralph is productive and wants to maintain order. Ralph has power and influence over the other boys from the beginning although there is a constant battle between he and Jack for the leader.

Jack on the other hand is the antagonist of the story. He is more focused on having total power over the boys rather than just focusing on having structured order and being rescued. He thinks more in the now and what he wants rather that thinking in the long run which is a childish way of thinking and not as mature as Ralph. Jack becomes leader of the hunters but still wants more power after this. Jack eventually figures out he can use the fear of the beast as a power tool to control the other boys by the end of the book.

Simon is the one in the group that is different from the others. While Ralph and Jack are always fighting for the position of leader, Simon is in a completely different category. He acts morally because he truly believes it is what's right. The other boys left their civility when they left civilization for the most part although Ralph seems to be somewhat civilized but maybe that is just because Jack is very immoral and they are constantly being compared.

The Berlin Boxing Club

Karl Stern is the main character and hero of this book. He is 14 years old when the novel begins and 18 at the end. He lives in Berlin, Germany at the beginning of Hitler’s reign. Oppression of the Jews has just begun when the novel opens but Karl is already beginning to feel the abuse of this oppression from a group of boys that are known as the Wolf Pack who give him a brutal beating on the last day of school because he is Jewish. At one of his father’s art showings the day of his beating that Karl meets Max Schmeling, the German championship boxer. Seeing how Karl is all beat up, Max offers to give Karl boxing lessons in exchange for a painting Karl’s father owns. This personal training becomes more than a hobby and later proves to help Karl's character grow.

Max Schleming is a German Championship Boxer who becomes Karl's boxing trainer and his mentor.


This story is about a teen boy named Karl Stern living in Berlin, Germany during the Era of the Nazi's. He lives in an apartment with his mother, father, and sister. Karl's family is Jewish by race but do not practice their religion so Karl doesn't consider himself Jewish at all. Karl and his mother look much more German than Jewish but his father and sister look much more Jewish than German.

Karl goes to a school with mostly German boys and only a handful of Jewish boys. One day the Wolfpack (a group of bullies at his school who call themselves that find out that Karl is mostly Jewish and they beat him up after school. Karl didn't tell anyone that he got beat up and instead said that his bumps and bruises were from falling down the stairs. That night one of Germany's most famous boxers, Max Schmeling, went to Karl's fathers art gallery to buy artwork for his home. He notices that Karl got beat up and instead of paying for the paintings offered to give Karl boxing lessons instead.

On Karl's first day of boxing lessons he is put in the ring with one of the veteran fighters at the Berlin Boxing Club. Because of his lack of practice, Karl is made fun of by the other, older boxers for stumbling around and falling backwards after every punch. Max though, praised Karl for his height and his ability to throw a good punch.

Karl trained everyday for boxing and went to the club very often. He shoveled coal for the mean landlord of his apartment building and starts getting acquainted with his long time crush, Gretta Hauser. Over the summer Karl spends his time training and meeting up with Gretta as Max is in America training for his fight against Joe Louis. Karl also wins all of the matches he is put in by the owner of the Berlin Boxing Club.

About a year later Max is schedueled to fight Joe Louis, an African American and is pressured by his country to supposedly show the world how inferior other races were to Aryan. Max won the fight easily and gained much popularity. On the night of the fight, Karl and the other members of the club gathered and drank beer and listened to the fight on the radio.

A couple years later Karl is going to meet Gretta at the park and finds her getting harassed by the landlord of their apartment building. He tries to stop him but it results in Karl's family being thrown out of their apartment with no place to go.

They end up moving into the art gallery that Karl's father owns. Soon after moving into the gallery, Karl's mentor, Max is schedueled to have a rematch against Joe Louis. This time Joe Louis dominates the match and beats Max in the first round. The Nazis become very upset and pay no attention to Max Schmeling because they find him a discrase to Germany.

After a Jew in Poland kills a German Ambassador many groups of German's terrorize the part of the city where Karl and his family are living. A group of Nazis break into the Gallery and stab Karl's father in the side. His mother brings his father to the hospital, leaving Karl and his sister home alone during an attack. So, Karl calls his fathers business associate, The Countess and has him come and bring Karl and his sister to his apartment in a German part of Berlin.

Karl gets tired of waiting and goes to the Excelsior Hotel to find Max to see if he can help. Max bring Karl and Hildy to the hotel and helps them locate his mother only to find out that their father has been taken to a concentration camp. Weeks pass as the Stern family tries to locate their father with no success so their mother sends Karl and Hildy to America to stay with their cousins as their parents remain in Germany.


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