Introducing Roy Hall, visionary and driving force behind Music Hall Audio

July 5th 2019

Key retailers in the GTA

Roy Hall preparing for an interview

Music Hall turntables and good scotch-enjoyed by all

Time to play- and what a view!

Trutone Electronics

Ovation Audio

Trutone Electronics, Mississauga

A proud Music Hall retailer

An enlightening and entertaining overview of Music hall products

The full seminar and training was captured on video and will be available soon. Lots of information and fun from a colorful guest!

Lot’s of discussion following Roy’s presentation

Our newest Music Hall retailer-Markham, Ontario

Roy Hall and Rickey Yan-Ovation Audio owner

A toast to success

July 12th

Edmonton, Alberta

S&M’s First Anniversary-a customer appreciation evening hosted by the owners-Mike and Chad

live music by Bardic Form

A lucky young guest received a brand new give-away Music Hall MMF-2.3.

A focus on Music Hall and Triangle products – from Motet Distribution

Thank you-the S&M team

Committed to supporting our valuable retailers