Technology and Children's Health How parents can promote good PHysical health for their children

Many American children are spending the majority of their free time playing on electronic devices.

Exposing these young children to technology causes them to lose out on physical activity, often times leading to childhood obesity.

Children are interacting with each other by playing video games rather than playing outside or with toys.

Children who watch television are also being targeted by fast food companies through commercials to encourage children to eat unhealthy foods.

Exposure to fast food commercials can either cause children to eat when they are not hungry, or crave the food being advertised, which can lead to children overeating.

Although some parents argue that their children learn from using technology, not all games are educational. Parents need to limit the amount of screen time their children have.

Children can overcome an unhealthy lifestyle from the encouragement of their parents to be active.

Children learn the most through physical touch and play. Discovering the world is within their hands to play without an electronic device. Physical activity and creativity allow children to learn while also being healthy.

American parents can promote good health for their children by encouraging their children to explore the world without needing the use of technology.


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