LEADERSHIP SEMINARS a day in the life

We are world class academics, intentional community, servant leadership, and spirituality. At Leadership Seminars, you will experience all of these unique qualities that make Notre Dame home.


Over the course of the 10-day program you and your peers will be challenged and encouraged to enhance your critical thinking, research, and presentation skills, while tackling complex global issues like war, race, and the environment. Notre Dame faculty share their expertise in small class settings and lay the foundation for peer to peer learning to equip students with the tools to become globally conscientious servant leaders.

"I liked how the program blended the social and intellectual aspects of college life. I feel that I'm leaving this program with a really great snapshot of how college will actually be, and I've not only challenged my thoughts about the modern world, but also made some amazing, lasting friendships." - Robert Yalam, NDLS 2019



Participate in organized activities such as ice skating in Compton Family Ice Arena, open mic night (bring your comedy sketch, instruments, and vocals with you!), trivia, and more throughout the 10 days on campus with friends from all around the globe. You will live in the dorms and be paired with a roommate - just like ND undergraduate students.

Resident Counselors

Our Resident Counselors (RCs) are current Notre Dame undergraduates who work directly with you to support and mentor you throughout your college experience. RCs also facilitate on campus events and serve alongside you in community projects. Plus, they are just about the most awesome people you will meet!


Service is at the heart of the Notre Dame community: we believe true leadership requires action. You will have the opportunity to choose an organization to learn from and serve. Projects may include walking dogs at the local shelter, collecting donations at a food drive, mentoring children, or planting vegetables at a community garden.

"The experience was really eye-opening and I really enjoyed talking to the children there (Hope Ministries). Hearing and experiencing their mission really inspired me, so I am planning to become more involved with similar organizations in my city." -Jasmine Sun, NDLS 2019


The University is dedicated to the pursuit and sharing of truth for its own sake. As a Catholic university, one of its distinctive goals is to provide a forum where, through free inquiry and open discussion, the various lines of Catholic thought may intersect with all the forms of knowledge found in the arts, sciences, professions, and every other area of human scholarship and creativity.

Masses are offered for students who would like to attend. We host a closing mass on our last day together at the Grotto before students attend the closing formal dinner and dance.

Whatever your worldview we invite you to come with an open mind, ready to engage with students from various backgrounds in faith and tradition. 
"This has been an incredible experience that has greatly impacted my understanding of the world. I'm sure many young people can relate to the feeling of 'The world has so many problems and I just want to get out there and help out in any way I can.' It's a combination of anger towards injustice, confusion towards the complexities of the issues, compassion towards others, and excitement towards a better future...I have realized the amount of opportunities that have been placed in front of me, and therefore the amount of responsibility I possess to be an agent of positive change. I can't wait to get started." -Joseph Carper, NDLS2019