12 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Products for Social Media Featuring Treasures from West Coast Craft Sellers

Product styling inspiration and social media tips for makers and crafters.

Group Items or Collections Together

Products look best when paired with items that help create a sense of scale and place. Here, letter press purveyor Western Editions groups its fortune card collection together. A sparkly background hints at the holiday season while remaining evergreen and complements the style and colors of the prints.
How could you not buy both when these hand embroidered loves look so cute together?! .
West Perro has a clear aesthetic inspired by the Southwest, which becomes clear when his necklaces and trinkets are styled together.

Add Text and Graphic Elements

According to Locowise, 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website, after seeing an ad on Instagram. And you don't need a statistician to know memes and quotes generate engagement on the platform. You can easily turn images into ads and memes by adding text and design elements to your images with Adobe Spark Post. See more examples and tips below.

In the above image, the brackets around the words playfully mimic a skate ramp, while the copy is a nod to sustainable skateboard company Pataito Boards's youthful brand culture.

Create ads that perform:

Promote a sale with an ad you can make in seconds. Here, the 20% off is the main message so we set it apart visually using larger font and a bold, complementary color.
Create an event flyer to increase foot traffic to your store or trade show. Tap the align button in the text editor to instantly have--no graphic design experience required.

Extend your brand with quotes and playful copy:

Images get shared and passed around and soon it may not even be tied to your account; make sure no matter where it goes, you get credit by branding the image with your handle, website, or signature. Use the "shape" field in the text editor to instantly capture the social media profile of choice. Create a consistent signature and use Post's duplicate function to keep designs consistent. Simply substitute the image.
Encourage sharing and virality by using the caption field to encourage others to share it. One option here would be to invite users to tag a friend that lights up their world to turn your product into a sweet greeting.

Quotes or meme-like images help your followers stay engaged with your brand even when they're not in a shopping state of mind. A good rule of thumb is to sell only once every 10 posts so you don't fatigue followers. The more your social feeds can reflect a brand, rather than products the more likely you

Add Natural Seasonal Elements

Stay timely by adding seasonal elements to your vignettes. We love the natural elements to complement Local Foods Wheel's adorable cheat sheet that easily explains what's in season every month of the year because it speaks to the brand's values of seasonality and sustainability.
Illustrator Maria Schoettler puts her coloring books in context with the florals that inspire her drawings.
Photographer Ashley Batz created a dreamy winter scene for Studio Grun jewelry with fake snow. She used blue tac to make rings stand up and give the photo a sense of depth. She then covered the tac with sparkly snow for a magazine-worthy editorial look.
Rachel Ravitch's knotted necklaces look great hanging from knotty branches. Though this photo was shot from above, Ashley created the illusion of the necklaces hanging by propping up the branch to create a shadow effect.

Go for Monochromatic Texture

Create versatility by playing with textures instead of of just colors. Here, Studio Grun's gold metallic jewelry pops on top of glitter wrapping paper.
Consistency in color and a simple composition plays up the clean lines of Stace Fulwiller's handmade leather shoes.
Craft paper with a subtle gradient background places Stephanie Intellisano's pretty ceramics in a dreamy art scene.

Let Your Label Shine

Increase recognizability by occasionally letting your name or label be the star of your photo, especially if it's as cool as Lykke Wullf's hand drawn tag.
Oakland Surf Club's simple monochromatic design stands out against sparkled texture.

Color Block Your Background

Here Pawena Studio's graphic elements are extended to the backdrop by using a simple motif with construction paper.
The colors in Zzie Ceramics are re-created with craft paper. Easy as pie.
Don't feel like your image always has to show your whole product. Here, the scene in Daniel Garzi's painting extends to background and the cropped view creates a more interesting, eye-catching shot.
Moon Collective's natural muted colors stand out on top of a bright background.

Set a Scene with Complementary Items

The more you can put your products in context, the more buyers can see them in their own lives. Arrange your goods with everyday items to inspire buyers on how they might style the treasures in their own homes. In the case of Settle Well's ceramics, we created an organic table top scene for warmer look.
Here, rice paper with a fern motif is turned over for a more subtle look that mimics a tablecloth.

Show Your Products in Action

The more you can show how your product works in artful ways, the better. We love how Workshop the Granite's lanterns look against this sparkly background.

Create Vignettes with Your Materials

As a craftsman, the materials and ingredients you use are important. Educate potential buyers by integrating those elements into your photo shoots, like we did with Miranda Bennett's all-natural clothes.
The spices in Chico Chai along with seasonal florals create a nice vignette with the company's bottle.

Create Contrast with Stark and Bold Background Colors

Color is IN! Jenny Lemons's bold designs look awesome against bright, playful colors.
Rachel Ravitch's indigo necklace looks nice against a stark purple background.
The clear tops in Stace Fulwiller's create cool shadows against a feminine, candy colored backdrop.

Stay on-trend on Instagram with bold, stark colors. Forgo vintage filters for bright modern looks to attract eyeballs and likes. Read how to get more Instagram followers in six steps.

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