the amazing tundra by colbie

the word tundra comes from the Finnish word tunturia which means treeless land.Animal populations fluctuate throughout the seasons in the tundra biome. Some animals opt The plants that grow in the tundra biome often grow in clusters to help protect themselves from the severe winter hibernate during the winter and others migrate to warmer temperatures.The largest animal that lives in the tundra biome is the polar bear. They thrive on fatty meats to give them enough energy to live through the harsh winters.There are two types of tundra - arctic tundra and alpine tundra. The arctic tundra is located within the Arctic Circle while the alpine tundra is the area high in the mountains above trees.

An individual is an polar bear because it normally hunts alone and the Male polar bear is almost never seen with a female or its baby as seen in these 3 pictures

my population is penguins because you normally see a mom and dad waching over there child or the dad and baby together like in these few photos


Created with images by diapicard - "arctic fox mammal fox" • chadh - "polar" • César Rincón - "20050305165845-0" • Co_Sch - "polar bear swim predator" • Christopher.Michel - "Happy World Penguin Day!" • tyger_lyllie - "penguins!" • Marie Hale - "Magellanic penguins"

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