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Empower yourself through intimate portraiture with an award winning boudoir photographer

Lindsay Wynne Boudoir is Charlotte's premiere luxury boudoir studio. Don't know how to pose or what to wear? Don't worry! Each session includes a pre-session consultation to help you plan your boudoir session and select the perfect lingerie. You'll also have access to my 300+ item wardrobe. I will coach you throughout your session for posing and emotion while we create sizzling images together!

Why Boudoir?

The biggest boudoir myth is that it's only for new brides and Valentine's Day. Honestly, the women who get the most of out of the boudoir session are the ones who are doing it for themselves. You don't have to be married, engaged or even dating anyone to have a boudoir session! The boudoir session is really and truly all about you & how I can help you reconnect with yourself, gain confidence and feel amazing.

Ladies. Let's face it. You've been trying to lose that same 5 lbs for years. The time to do a boudoir session is now! Someday might never happen. The mark of a talented boudoir photographer is that we know how to pose you so it looks like you already lost those 5-10 lbs. We can make your legs look longer and leaner, your stomach flatter and your boobs bigger. It's all about posing, lighting & the right lingerie. I've spent years educating myself on lighting and posing so I can make you look your absolute best in your boudoir photos.

You will be nervous, getting down to your skivvies in front of someone you have only met a few times is nervewracking! My job is to make you feel comfortable, safe and feel like you can express yourself and your sexiness during your session.


What's Included in your session?

  • Pre session consultation
  • How to prepare guide
  • Makeover by a professional hair & makeup artist with false lashes
  • a relaxed, fun and intimate boudoir session
  • Posing & lingerie guidance
  • In person image reveal

Sessions do not include any prints, products or images. Clients typically spend between $1000-3000 on their sessions and products. We do offer payment plans on collections and products as well as gift cards.


With the Luxe Boudoir Experience you get all the bells & whistles! The session includes a 2 hour boudoir session with a makeover (including lashes) by a professional hair & makeup stylist. You'll be greeted with sweet treats and a boudoir swag bag full of beauty & glam goodies. You get unlimited access to our 300+ item lingerie collection and expert guidance on what to wear during your session. There is no limit on the number of lingerie looks you can have during your session. You will be posed down to your toes and coached for emotion by Lindsay. 1-2 weeks after your session you come back into the studio to view your images and make your selections.

The Little Boudie Session is a 1 hour boudoir session with a makeover including false lashes by one of our professional makeup stylist. You can add hair styling for $70 or I can give you recommendations for who to book. You'll get 2 lingerie looks during the session or one lingerie look and 1 white sheet/fine art nude look, access to our 300+ item lingerie collection is included in the session. 1-2 weeks after your session you will come back into the studio for your image reveal to make your selections. Once a month I release 3 Venus Sessions - The Little Boudie Sessions at a discount - for $250.

styled boudoir sessions

Beach Boudoir : Bikini boudoir on the beach! Celebrate your hard work in the gym with a beach boudoir session in a sexy swimsuit! Laid back & boho or glossy & glam, sunrise or sunset! we have limited sessions available on the NC coast until September.

River Women Series : The River Women Series Sessions take place within an hour of Charlotte, mainly in the Catawba River. This is a fine art session styled to look timeless or boho. You can wear a white flowing dress, lingerie, boho lace or be brave and go nude.

The Gaia Sessions - Mountain Outdoor Sessions : These sessions are within 3 hours of Charlotte & very limited availability during the summer & fall. These are boho inspired or ethereal fine art portraits outdoors. As with the River Women Series, the wardrobe for these sessions are at your comfort level, you can go boho and sheer, lingerie or topless/nude.

Ready to book your boudoir session?

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