Estes Park Colorado By: Lily Karakas


Estes Park is in the beautiful rocky state of Colorado. Estes Park Colorado is right at the entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park, therefore, from almost any stand point there is a beautiful sight of a river, maybe a group of trees, or the jaw dropping tremendous mountains. Estes Park is just 60 miles from the stunning city of Denver. Estes Park is a beautiful town, rather than a park. The town is lit up with fairy lights, street lamps, street signs, and cute little shops and cabins, giving off a soft summer vibe, and an absolute beautiful sight. Lastly, Estes Park Colorado has a bumpy, rocky surface and many, many hills, mountains, canyons, and craggy mountain peaks.

Stanley Hotel


Dating way back to 1909, listed in National Register of Historic Places stands the Stanley Hotel, with over 16,000 square feet of special meeting and event space with state-of-the-art amenities. Lord of the Rings, Insidious, and the shining all have scenes that have been filmed in side of the amazing Stanley Hotel. Since there have been horror movies filmed here, many people believe it gives off a creepy vibe. There are legends that the hotel is haunted, which has made it quite a tourists trap. Some people even state that it is haunted.


The individuals that come or live here are usually outdoorsy. Estes Park Colorado is a place for people to come and see things they have never seen before. In Estes Park Colorado, people wear all sorts of attire; from fancy dresses and suits, to the typical shorts and a tank. The Park doesn't have a set religion, for people from all over the world come here to visit. In the glamorous town of Estes Park, there are many tribal shops and traditions.


People who come to Estes Park may do fun things such as skiing on the tremendous slopes in winter, to taking lovely, long and breezy mountain walks through fields of fragrant flowers in summer. While strolling the downtown River Walk, you will come across 300 adorable little shops offering a variety of special little treasures. The amazing Daily Nature Walks are escorted by the National Park Service. There are more then 75 tempting restaurants with an array of delicious foods. Estes Park holds more then 100 bed and breakfasts, lodges, hotels, guest ranches, cabins, and condominiums for use; therefore, if you need a place to stay, there is a variety of places for you to choose from.

Things to do in Estes Park.

That's about all there is to know about the alluring town of Estes Park.

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